Re-imagine your desktop

Integrate your applications together to create a fluid user experience

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Why Glue42?

Look inside any contact-centre or shared-service centre and you will see that traditional integration projects fail to address the needs of the end-users. Glue42 enables desktop applications of any type to be seamlessly melded together to deliver a simple, seamless user experience.


End Users

Deliver the right information at the right time.



Create seamless journeys regardless of application technology.



Manage desktop versions. Rollout & rollback application releases.



Focus on business objectives - ignore application boundaries!


IT Operations

Refine user navigation and support optimal process flows.


Business Operations

Gain critical insight into user behaviours and business outcomes..

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The Fluid Desktop

After Image After
Before Image Before

Glue42 starts with the needs of the end users; enabling unprecedented speed and efficiency in a desktop environment that is completely tailored to their needs

  • Group windows into single ‘application’
  • Maximise screen real-estate
  • Share data context between applications
  • Aggregate search results and notifications
  • Save/restore desktop layouts

Responsive | Intuitive | Integrated


Product Editions

Desktop Zapier

Tap into thousands of pre-built application connectors. The first and only way to 'zap' desktop Excel.

Free to use!



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Desktop Base

Integrate web to web and MS-Office applications.


Monthly subscription




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Desktop Enterprise

The full package! Integration of .NET, VB/COM, Java and JavaScript applications. Advanced window management, multi-tier security and data sharing etc.


Monthly subscription

Pricing by seat per month







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Depending upon which Glue42 edition you choose, there are a wide range of technology and application connectors. New connectors are being added all the time…

MS Excel
MS Word
MS Outlook
MS Powerpoint
MS Dynamics
Salesforce Lightning
Salesforce Classic

Success Stories

Organisations large and small use Glue42 to improve their user experience and build flexible solutions. Here are some examples:

Time to market of new functionality reduced by over 50% thanks to Glue42 Desktop Enterprise

“The rationale was to migrate from inflexible and complex monolithic legacy systems to a simple and flexible model that utilizes interoperable micro-applications and is implementation technology agnostic.This creates a ‘connect to anything’ platform with user-customisable apps that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both end-users and developers.”

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Relpro case study - img2

RelPro optimises user experience for sales professionals, using Glue42 Desktop Base

“Using Glue42, we’re able to provide our users with direct integration between RelPro, Salesforce, NetSuite and Outlook. This saves our customers time and effort during a crucial part of the sales process. As an application vendor, we integrated RelPro with Glue42, after which there was no need for any other code changes to link to multiple platforms.”

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fluid desktop by glue - img2


FINOS, FDC3 and Glue42

25/07/2018 | Written by: James Wooster

Glue42 enterprise-class services can now be accessed by organisations who have already made an investment in their own or 3rd party containers

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JP Morgan is shortlisted for the 2018 Banking Technology Awards! 


Their entry ‘Connect OS and Canvas Workspaces’ is based on Glue42 Desktop Enterprise and is a stunning example of the capabilities of the platform, incorporating comprehensive application integration and our Swimlane UI functionality.

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