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Industry Firsts

  • 1st Behaviour
  • 1st Desktop
  • 1st Multi-machine
  • 1st Workspaces 2019
  • 1st Notifications 2015
  • 1st Search 2015
  • 1st Open
  • 1st Citrix App

Designed for You

For IT

Configure your own platform to build, integrate and deploy applications of any kind. Re-use and migrate legacy applications into modern micro-application architectures

For Operations

Deploy enterprise app stores, configure workspaces and optimize user experiences

For Business

Rapidly deploy shrink-wrapped solutions to support commonly occurring work patterns e.g. Click to trade, Click to call, Call-wrap

Accelerate Execution with Workflows

  • 1 min

Click to Sync (Instrument)

One-click synchronization on instrument code across your applications and get a helicopter view of the market microstructure.

  • 1 min

Click to Sync (Client)

One-click synchronization on client code across your applications and get a personalized view of your client’s details, meeting notes, interests, holdings and more.

  • 1 min

Hit to Trade

Launch a prepopulated OMS order ticket direct from a chat order request and be MiFID II compliant.

  • 1 min

Push to Watch (Instrument)

Single-click push of instrument data to your market data terminal of choice and build your own stock watch.

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