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Glue42 is the world’s most advanced desktop integration platform. Orchestrate UI, integrate data and analyze user behavior across applications of any type. Sweat existing assets, improve operational effectiveness and accelerate digital transformation.


Make your desktop experience simple, intuitive and compliant.

Glue42 Leads the Market for the Next Generation of Desktop Interoperability

What can we help you with?

Integrate any application

Glue42 provides data and UI integration services to enable pre-packaged and home-grown applications to work as one.
Supported technologies include JS/Electron, JS/Node, JS/Browser, Java, .NET, Silverlight, VBA/COM.
Supported applications is a longer list – but we’ve recently added Eikon, Bloomberg and FactSet.

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Optimize User eXperience

Glue42 is a second-generation platform that’s designed to optimize screen real-estate and simplify user journeys. Sticking windows together can be augmented with advanced window management concepts, including workspaces and swim-lanes in which any application can be hosted

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Digital transformation

Throwing away existing systems and starting again is simply not practical. Glue42 allows existing applications to be re-purposed and re-used regardless of how they were built. This is a critical enabler for those organizations embarking on a micro-application architecture.

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Compliance & Audit

Glue42 will automatically capture critical infrastructure, user and user journey events from across 10s of thousands of desktops. This information along with other options (e.g. keystroke capture, screen-shots etc) can subsequently be used to analyze behaviors and look for anomalous work patterns.

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Why desktop integration?

Despite huge investments in traditional back-end integration programs, it is often the end-user who swivels between applications to make applications talk to each other.

Improving customer satisfaction, reducing operational costs and ensuring compliance requires a new desktop experience. In recent years, the use of ‘robots’ to automate these human interactions has seen some success, but selling complex products, handling customer complaints or identifying sales opportunities require the human touch.

Watch this video to see how a typical desktop environment can be simplified and tailored to support specific user tasks.

Why are we different?

Glue42 is designed for more than just web application integration. We address the needs of complex real-world desktops found across all industries. Legacy or new, in-house or 3rd party, on-prem or cloud we can integrate it!

  • Simplify user experience. Orchestrate UIs using swim lanes, wizards, workspaces and layouts
  • Reduce costs. Monitor and analyze user behaviors to identify areas for improvement
  • Minimize disruptions. Capture, aggregate and action any event, toast or notification
  • Avoid lock-in. Use our open source implementation of FINOS FDC3 Interop
  • Faster development cycles. Built in support for search, notifications & shared data
  • Improve delivery quality. Fully integrated tooling to support tuning, debug and test

Featured use-cases

FactSet integration

Chatbot to agent hand-off

Manage complex desktops

Legacy technologies migration

Why should I care?

Reduce time to market with 50% faster release cycles

  • Out of box support for advanced interop

  • Re-use of existing and future applications

  • Halving release time of new functionality

Improve customer satisfaction with 90% reduction in handling times

Business build out operational workflows in production to meet customer demands to:

  • Share data context between logically related applications

  • Configure role specific workspaces

  • Optimize processes and remove redundant steps

Reduce costs and achieve up to 75% application re-use by

  • Decomposing monolithic apps into micro-applications
  • Avoid big-bang legacy migration projects – and migrate one screen at a time
  • Leverage industry-standard frameworks, like FINOS and FDC3

Success Stories

Organizations large and small use Glue42 to improve their user experience and build flexible solutions. JP Morgan Wealth Management have been using our platform for over 5 years and have now Glue-enabled over 300 applications…

Time to market of new functionality reduced by over 50% thanks to Glue42 Desktop Enterprise

“The rationale was to migrate from inflexible and complex monolithic legacy systems to a simple and flexible model that utilizes interoperable micro-applications and is implementation technology agnostic.This creates a ‘connect to anything’ platform with user-customisable apps that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both end-users and developers."

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