Glue42 changes the way people work

By connecting applications

On the desktop

In real-time

The Challenge

Too many applications and different technology stacks slow down release cycles and increase IT costs

Slow to keep up with competition, product/service launches are delayed

Crowded desktops create confusion, leading to high error rates and slow handling times

The Solution

Integrate desktop and web applications, creating new technology agnostic composite applications

Rapidly re-purpose existing application components to meet new demands

Reduce application count, avoid copy/paste. Tailor user-experience for specific job roles

The Benefit

Achieve 50% faster release cycles due to UI re-use and reduced testing effort

Significantly decrease deployment time and effort, improve end-user satisfaction, reduce operational costs

Reduce operator errors, increase right-first-time fix rate, improve customer satisfaction

Using Glue42, we're able to provide our users with direct integration between RelPro and Salesforce, NetSuite and Outlook.

This saves our customers time and effort during a crucial part of the sales process, as they identify and pursue quality leads.

As an App owner, we benefit from integrating RelPro with Glue42 once, and then we can then link to other platforms with no code changes on our side. For example, an important client recently wanted us to integrate RelPro with a new CRM that was not one of supported systems. Tick42 produced a Glue42 add-in for the CRM that enabled us to connect RelPro with no changes on our side, leading to a new sale and a delighted client.

Martin R. Wise

CEO, RelPro, Inc. RelPro is a leading provider of B2B Sales Intelligence, covering over 150 million business decision-makers globally, aggregating best-in-class data sources.

JPMorgan wins The Banker’s 2017 Technology Award for its Glue42 based Connect Framework API

JPMorgan Wealth Management Technology picked up the accolade in the Developer API category for its application collaboration environment, based on the Glue42 Desktop Platform.

"The rationale was to migrate from inflexible and complex monolithic legacy systems to a simple and flexible model that utilizes interoperable micro-applications and is implementation technology agnostic,” says Freddy Tenaglia, Global Head of Wealth Management Adviser and Investments Technology at JPMorgan Asset Management. “This creates a ‘connect to anything’ platform with user-customisable apps that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both end-users and developers.

The Banker Technology Projects of the Year Award 2017

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