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Build A Composable Enterprise & Accelerate Digital Transformation With Glue42

Unify Your Desktop

Configure multi-app workflows, orchestrate UI, integrate data, plug & play business components


Unify Your Desktop

Glue42 desktop applications

For the Platform Builder

Composable Enterprise 

Leverage micro-application standards to re-purpose existing applications and configure new workflows.

Desktop Automation

Avoid manual steps within exploratory processes and optimize user journeys.

For Line of Business


Rapidly deploy shrink-wrapped solutions that support commonly occurring work patterns. E.g.  OMS & Market-Data or TCA & OMS etc.

For the Software Vendor

Land and Expand

Embed Glue42 within software products providing pre-packaged points of instrumentation,  integration and control.



Stay Ahead of the Competition

Buy Side Financial Organizations

Sell Side Financial Organizations


Contact Centers

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