Manage the chaotic desktop

Glue42 brings interop & UX management to a new level

Enter the swimlane!

By insisting that apps appear and behave in predictable and consistent ways we can manage a higher application density while at the same time delivering an ease-of-use never previously achieved.


Window Management Features



Save and restore the position and layout of application windows. Optionally record data context to ensure the correct data is displayed. Multiple workspaces can be displayed at anytime

Sticky windows

Stick windows together to form a single application group…

Grouped window actions

Focus, close, minimise, restore or resize an application group with a single click: windows from different applications that are stuck together or participating in a workspace will respond in unison


Allow windows to be arranged as tabs within a tab group. Subject to entitlements, allow end-user to configure these at runtime using simple drag/drop metaphor…

Drag and Drop

Rearrange applications by dragging and dropping – as a tab or separate window

Synchronise data

Ensure that logically related windows are constantly updated with the very latest data. Optionally override this behaviour when applications are dragged outside of  a group

Performance optimization

Full control over application resource allocation, including process sharding and load/rendering priorities. Glue42 is supplied with the necessary operational tools to allow these changes to be made and monitored

Full UI control

All elements of the windows UI are fully customisable, including window frames, menus, loading animations, task-bar icons etc

Do you want to know more? Watch the video here.


Swimlane UI

Applications and tabbed groups can be composed into fixed or resizable swimlanes. The developer or the end-user can define horizontal/vertical layout and optionally include context headers…

Context header

Universal search mechanism across applications to retrieve business object (e.g. client, product, order) and share data context


When applications are resized and become too small – override rendering to ensure a thumbnail or suitable icon is displayed

Drag and Drop

Moved windows within and between swimlanes – as a tab or a standalone window. Drag and drop floating window into swimlane or back out again

Rendering control

Builds upon basic performance optimisation to allow specific cells in the swimlane to be painted in a specific order.


Variation of standard swimlane that allows user to select specific process steps and jump to pre-defined workspaces