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G42 Appliance Store

Appliances are an entirely new concept for the modern trading desktop. They are pre-packaged business components (PBCs) that support the rapid integration of two or more applications. They resolve commonly occurring trading workflow problems and deliver a level of automation and optimization not previously available.


Shrink-wrapped Business Capabilities for Specific Use-cases

Fixed-price Implementation Service to Establish Connectivity

A Stepping-stone Towards Full Desktop Integration

Who Are Тhey For?

Any buy-side or sell-side firm that is looking to optimize trader productivity and remove transcription errors when moving between applications

Small-firms, use appliances as a one-stop shop for delivery of a working solution; this is particularly relevant where they do not have their own in-house IT teams

Mid-size firms use Appliances to augment their existing desktop integration programs – often alongside Glue42 Enterprise

Large-size firms use Appliances as a fast-start for custom implementations as part of a digital transformation journey

How do Glue42 appliances work

How do they work

For most implementations, you can consider an Appliance as a black-box that simply solves the problem is was designed to fix. An appliance is therefore largely invisible to the trader and simply runs in background supporting their workflows.

An Appliance is built on top of Glue42’s award winning Enterprise product and can be scaled to many thousands of seats with no additional software or implementation effort. This also means that they operate reliably and securely in all kinds of operating environments.

G42 Appliance Store Benefits


Unlike other approaches to improving trader workflows, Glue42 keeps the trader fully in control. They get to use the applications they already have – but avoid all hassle of having to manually move data and transactions between different systems. This allows traders to focus on the job in-hand, improving business outcomes, while leaving Glue42 to provide the glue!