What is an Appliance?

An appliance is a collection of Glue42 software components that are packaged together to solve a specific business problem. In their simplest form, you can consider an Appliance as simply two or more Application Connectors and the Glue42 Gateway.

Where does this concept come from?

Two answers!

  • Glue42 software appliances are modelled on the concept of a kitchen appliance. These are simple to purchase, easy to use, perform a very specific function and operate with little or no maintenance.
  • After implementing the full Glue42 Enterprise product for commonly occurring applications and use cases, our Professional Services teams could see how they could pre-configure the implementation and simplify deployment – thus reducing the cost and accelerating time-to-value.

What Appliances are currently available?

The list of supported appliances and underlying applications is growing continuously. See here for the current list and register your interest in future appliances.

I can’t find an exact match for the appliance I need

No problem! We are growing the Appliance Store as quickly as we can. If you believe that you have a commonly occurring use case, then we will build your Appliance (and Connectors) as part of an engagement. You are then guaranteed future updates along with support and maintenance to ensure the Appliances remain simple to use and trivial to support.

How do I extend an Appliance?

If you have access to your own development resources or those of a third party, then Glue42 can provide you a license key to explore the entire Glue42 Enterprise platform. A 30-day no-obligations trial is available here. If you would like to understand more then click here.