Better Investment Decisions with Glue42-powered FactSet Workstation

Glue42-powered FactSet Workstation for better investment decisions

Earlier this year we announced a partnership between Glue42 and FactSet which laid the groundwork for an innovative project in the financial services industry. FactSet Workstation provides financial data and analytics to tens of thousands of investment professionals around the world, allowing them instant access to the information they need to make critical investment decisions. It consolidates data on global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed-income portfolios. Now, through integration using Glue42, FactSet Workstation has expanded its capabilities to provide a superior user experience.

What Is the FactSet Workstation

The product helps users to gain instant anytime, anywhere insights into financial data and analytics that they need to make critical decisions.

The product is available installed or fully web based. It seamlessly combines hundreds of data sources into one user-friendly research solution. Users can create customizable watch lists, alerts, models, and screens to acquire actionable insights.

FactSet Workstation is an established market-leading and cutting-edge market data application. You might be wondering how it could possibly be improved to provide greater business value…

How Do Glue42 and FactSet Work Together

FDC3 Compliance

One of the key enhancements to FactSet Workstation is its FDC3 compliance powered by Glue42. FDC3 is an interoperability standard that is steadily gaining traction within the financial sector. It enables applications to communicate without the need for bilateral agreements on the financial desktop, which is extremely powerful. Glue42 provides an FDC3-compliant environment in which isolated, standalone applications such as FactSet Workstation can become first-class desktop interoperability citizens.

Thanks to Glue42’s open-source FDC3 implementation, the FactSet Workstation can navigate between color channels and, broadcast and react to context changes. What’s more, the integration isn’t limited to FDC3 applications; Glue42-enabled web, in-house, and 3rd party applications such as MS Excel, Refinitiv, Bloomberg, Fidessa, Iress, Virtu Financial, and others, can now also seamlessly communicate with FactSet Workstation.

UI Integration

  • Launchpad
    Glue42 allows users to launch the FactSet Workstation as an application from a Launchpad/Toolbar. This gives it the appearance of a native app and greatly improves its usability.
  • Workspaces and Layouts
    Since FactSet Workstation is a web app, it can participate in workspaces and layouts along with other applications and share the same user interface with them.
  • Micro-frontends
    The Workstation is divided into several fully functional micro-frontends, all independent of one another. This allows users to have а different Glue42 application definition for each view (Stock Analysis, Chart, etc.).


Glue42 unlocks interop capabilities for the Workstation by enabling it to interoperate via color channels and contexts with other:

  1. FDC3 compliant applications
  2. Glue42 enabled web applications
  3. Glue42 enabled .NET/Java applications
  4. Glue42-powered 3rd party applications (Excel, BBG, Iress, Fidessa, Refinitiv, Virtu, etc.)

Glue42 Features

Furthermore, the integration provides additional value by allowing FactSet users to take advantage of Glue42’s advanced desktop integration features:

  • FDC3 injection: As а first-class citizen FactSet Workstation interacts with the Glue42 FDC3-compliant environment via the FDC3 APIs
  • Workspace management: Allows FactSet Workstation to be part of a Glue42 Workspace
  • Color Channels: Allows FactSet Workstation to be navigated between color channels for synchronization on via a color channel selector widget
  • Advanced window management, notifications, global search, metrics and more

How Does Glue42-powered Solution Help Users Make Better Investment Decisions

This integration transforms the FactSet Workstation from being an isolated application where workflows exist only within the application to being part of a larger multi-application ecosystem on the financial desktop and beyond.

Investment managers, research analysts, and traders can take advantage of FactSet’s workflow and workspaces integration so that in a single click, they get a macro view of an investment or trading situation across FactSet and other applications at the point they need it. This generates better trade ideas and investment decisions by bringing the data to the user rather than the other way around.

For the technical details behind the integration visit our documentation.

See the integration in action:

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Georgi Georgiev, Glue42
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Georgi Georgiev

Senior Software Engineer, Glue42

Georgi defines himself as a pre-sales engineer by day and a programmer by night. He assists prospects, clients and partners in implementing complex use cases with Glue42 – an award-winning desktop integration platform that simplifies user journeys across native and web applications. As an FDC3 expert and maintainer, he is responsible for advancing the specifications developed by the Working Group.

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