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We all use spreadsheets for holding simple and complex data. Making Zaps with Zapier’s 1000+ applications previously limited us to working in spreadsheets stored in Google Sheets or Office 365. Both are great products, but what about those of us who want to use Excel with files stored anywhere?

Glue42 Excel is the first Zapier connector for a desktop app.

If you’re an Excel user and thought the only way to use Zapier was to work with files stored on OneDrive for Business, this is no longer the case. Glue42 Excel means that you don’t have to give up the ability to work with files stored on company servers or local computers. It enables Zapier to work with Excel workbooks stored anywhere – online and offline.

This brings a broad range of benefits for users from a variety of backgrounds. For example, a user who is working on an email marketing campaign might want to use Excel to record the contact details of people who engage with their campaign. It’s useful to maintain an archive of subscribers that they can use in other marketing efforts and easily share with colleagues. With Zapier it’s possible to automate this archiving process, so that the list of subscribers in Excel is always up to date and syncs in the background. No more exporting data from the cloud – instead the user can set up a workflow with Glue42 Excel. A new subscriber in their email marketing system will trigger a new row to be added to Excel. Simple, time-saving automation.

We will be sharing more stories like the above one, from real-life users, over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can get started right now with these popular Zaps:

Save new Pipedrive deals to an Excel spreadsheet via Glue42

Save new Typeform entries as rows on an Excel spreadsheet via Glue42

Add new Trello comments to an Excel spreadsheet via Glue42

Add new Jotform submissions as Excel spreadsheet rows via Glue42

Record new Surveymonkey responses to an Excel spreadsheet via Glue42

Add new Google Sheets rows to Excel via Glue42

Add new Gravity Forms submissions to an Excel spreadsheet via Glue42

Glue42 for Excel is part of a family of products that glues web UIs to desktop applications such as Excel, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint.

Connectors for desktop Outlook and Word coming soon to Zapier – let us know if you’re interested in other integrations.

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