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Electon-based Desktop Containers and PWAs
8 months ago
Pro and Cons of Electron-based Web App Containers and PWAs

The Glue42 Product Manager, Petyo Ivanov recently had an article published on ITProPortal that has an interesting look at Electron-packaged web applications and the emerging set of technologies such as Progressive Web Applications. Check how Petyo...

Digital Future
11 months ago
The Desktop of 2020 and Beyond (External)

This article outlines how the emergence of desktop interoperability platforms and the evolution of artificially intelligent bots, will redefine the meaning of ‘application’ and lead to a fundamental change to the working environment of knowledge...

Digital Future Transformation
12 months ago
Three Predictions for the Future of the Desktop (External)

For those who build, operate and use desktop computers, three critical trends will shape the future: the rise of task-oriented applications, standardization to prevent vendor lock-in, and legacy application re-use and migrations. Glue42’s James...