Codeless, Pluginless, API-less Application Integration Within Glue42

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Glue42 enables a powerful and fluid desktop user experience by enabling applications to interoperate with one another.

You may have an application register a method that is then invoked by another application.

Or you could have an application create a stream to which other applications subscribe.

You also have access to the shared contexts – objects, shared between all of your applications, changes to which trigger events.

The framework also supports color channels and activities that you could use.

Until very recently the statement that Glue42 allows applications to talk to one another had a little asterisk next to it. The catch was that to integrate an application you were required to have access to the source code or an exposed API that had to exist for you to be able to create a bridge.

Our latest Glue42 Distribution introduces container extensions – a new way to integrate an application – in-house and 3rd party, no strings attached. We also provide a Glue42 Extension Template to get you started.

Browser extensions enrich your web browser experience with additional features. They modify web pages and user interfaces and integrate your browser with other services you use.

We ported the browser extensions to the Glue42 container. We call them “Container extensions”.

Let me walk you through an example.

Glue42 Browser Extensions Yahoo Finance Home

From within the Toolbar, I will start Yahoo Finance – an application used by traders in their everyday lives and one that is vital to their workflows.

Right off the bat, you notice something different – the Glue42 logo is in the top left corner letting me know that I have an extension running on the website. Hovering over the logo shows information about the extension and the gateway connection. I can drag the logo anywhere to not block my work.

Let me see how the Apple stock is doing after Jony Ive’s departure. The extension knows when I am viewing an instrument page and automatically injects an ‘Open in Glue42’ button.

Glue42 Browser Extensions Yahoo Finance Apple Stock

Clicking the button opens a Chart and a News application with the right context (AAPL) and triggers a notification.

I don’t have to write my own version of Yahoo Finance from scratch to Glue enable it.

Container extensions in Glue42 are a powerful tool that allows for integrations that weren’t imaginable before. The possibilities are endless – you could inject context menus, launch applications, invoke methods, use existing Google Chrome extensions (e.g. React/Redux dev tools) and change the look and feel of 3rd party applications. The best part is that the Glue42 Extension Template makes all this a breeze.

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Erjan Gavalji