Glue42 Launch Bar

We are often asked “Do I get the source code for the Trial-Edition launch bar?”, “Can I customize the launch bar?” , ”Can I connect it to my own directory services?”. Well, the answers are yes, yes and yes!

To prove the point, we have just recently built a completely different style of launch bar…

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I guess a full-width launch bar fixed to the top of the screen is not that unusual. What’s interesting, and different, is how this launch bar handles desktop workspaces.

  • The launch bar is designed to work with a default workspace based on the user’s team or role. This workspace can be configured to host a set of ‘quick-start’ applications of the user’s choice (entitlements and security permitting).
  • The default workspace can’t be deleted or renamed.
  • Switching to a new workspace will not close the default workspace – but rather hide it and the applications from view. Only applications hosted by the current workspace will be visible on the desktop and in the Windows taskbar.
  • To optimize machine resources, Glue42 will automatically hibernate the hidden applications.
  • All workspaces are ‘pinned’ to the launch-bar for speedy access.

This launch-bar shows a very specific use case – and that’s the idea. We don’t believe that one size fits all and like the rest of our platform can easily be reconfigured to meet specific requirements.

If you want something similar, then ping us a note at and we’ll give you access to the source code. Alternatively, wait for our next release of Trial Edition (See below…)