Data Integration Meets Desktop Integration with Velox powered G42 Appliances

Data Integration and Desktop Integration

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with our friends at Velox to bring the worlds of data and desktop integration together by building a number of pre-packaged Velox business appliances that enable firms to get the most out of their existing 3rd party trading estates.

If you haven’t heard of Velox before it is a data-centric, low code application development environment focused on boosting sales and trading insights and workflows. 

The Velox business appliances are now available in the G42 Appliance Store and include a flow aggregator that consolidates all your flow across different platforms and provides you with a single actionable view across them. Also in the store are sales and trading analytics and an interactive client portal. 

How Does It Work?

A G42 Velox Appliance offers a complete front-to-back solution which:

  1. Allows you to maximize your existing assets on the data side and the desktop side
  2. Can be built to your business requirements
  3. Provides immediate short term ROI

Glue42 ensures a harmonious integration of a Velox business appliance to the user’s desktop allowing it to share data and/or pass UI actions to existing applications and augments the workflows across those applications.

The idea is simple – as you incrementally modernize your platform using Velox and Glue42 – your new applications blend in and work effortlessly with your old applications and therefore, the gradual shift from old to new can be made flawless for the end-user.

As with all G42 appliances, these new ones provide immediate solutions to everyday trading problems. They are simple and easy to install  and “do exactly what it says on the tin”.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our most recent joint venture at Stifel.

Build Your Own Business Appliance

Do you have a specific need that our pre-packaged business applications don’t meet?

No problem, please contact us for a free business assessment today.

We will be releasing more appliances soon!

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Reena Raichura

Director, Head of Product Solutions, Glue42

Reena has 21 years’ international experience across the FinTech and Financial Services industry. Prior to joining Glue42, Reena held senior roles in Front Office Technology at J.P. Morgan, Exane BNP Paribas and Fidessa. Reena’s industry expertise coupled with her technical background has successfully, and consistently, enabled her to create and deliver business value through technology, innovation, and collaboration.

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