I’ve had an epiphany. Sadly, it’s about IT stuff – but I thought I would share it anyway!

More specifically, it’s about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and when to use it. As you will see below, scenarios which appear to be good candidates for RPA could turn into very costly mistakes.

Anyone who’s spent time in contact centres or shared-service centres will be familiar with the range and complexity of processes their work entails. I’ve spent a lot of time in these environments over the course of my career and without exception have found them to be filled with hard-working individuals who do a great job, despite not always having the best tools.

A helpful way of thinking about these processes is to see them as a mix of ‘exploratory’ and ‘programmatic’ tasks; this is something that MWD Advisors recently highlighted in their report on Desktop Integration. Exploratory processes are those that are fundamentally human-centric, while conventional wisdom says that ‘programmatic’ processes are the ones in which automation services (e.g. RPA, workflow or BPM) can be used to remove tedium and accelerate task completion. Read more