Extend the Reach of Vendor Applications with Workflow Integration

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In today’s digital era financial institutions are heavily investing in the modernization of their technology stacks in order to support front-to-back trading and business functions. The goal is to create seamless and cohesive experiences for end users and enable them to accelerate their workflows, increase efficiency and in turn, provide better service to their clients and quicker times to market.

Enterprises Demand More from Vendors

As a result, software vendors need to maintain their relevance on the user’s desktop both from a technology perspective but also from a business perspective. It is vital to “stay connected” with other critical applications which end users require to get their jobs done in order to remain sticky, competitive and win new business.

As enterprises look to further advance their desktop integration and platform modernization initiatives, the same advancement is required from vendor applications on their users’ desktops. Clients want all the applications they use to work together effortlessly, and the easier vendor products are to integrate into multi-application workflows, the greater the chance to expand their reach.

The Importance of Having a Desktop Integration Strategy

In our recent webinar, designed for software vendors in financial services, James Wooster, COO, Glue42, explains why having a scalable desktop integration strategy for vendors is key to ensuring sustainability.

During the panel, he outlines three major scenarios why software companies should plan strategic desktop integration capabilities for their products to help reduce integration hurdles, remain cost-effective, and become part of a bigger ecosystem to expand market penetration. The three scenarios are:

  1. Internal – To keep up with the fast digitalization many software vendors are on a journey to modernize their own platforms. Having an internal desktop integration strategy will eliminate technology hurdles between old and new software solutions they own, support their migration path and allow them to grow a scalable platform in a modular “plug and play” fashion
  2. External – Forward-thinking vendors are constantly looking for ways to satisfy their clients’ demands and become a better desktop citizen
  3. Ecosystem – By becoming part of a bigger ecosystem software vendors in financial services can seamlessly support client workflows and create new routes to market via a partner network

How Glue42 Helps Software Vendors

In this session, we present different workflow integration options that Glue42 provides to vendors and how they can help vendors increase revenue streams. James also explains how our products support FDC3 and could help vendors make their applications compliant.

In the second part of the webinar, Reena Raichura, Director, Head of Product Solutions, Glue42 brings these concepts together by showcasing a live demo of workflow integrations that include Iress, Bloomberg, Salesforce, Factset, Virtu Financial, BMLL, Abel Noser, MS Teams, Excel and more.

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