Using Glue42 to Connect Fidessa with External Apps

Is your company using Fidessa? The platform has established itself as a must-have product in the financial industry. Its network now connects to more than 5K buy-side customers and over 700 brokers across more than 215 markets. Most of the premier financial institutions have incorporated the tool into their daily processes alongside internal applications, Bloomberg, Salesforce and others.

If your organization’s tool set looks like this, you’d be excited to check out our brand new Fidessa connector for Glue42! Now, Glue42 allows you to extend Fidessa Tracking functionality to any other business app you’re using. Here are some of the key benefits you will get:

Increased end-user productivity

First, on a user level, you dramatically decrease the chance of errors due to copy/paste operations. Users can update information in multiple applications with only one click. This saves them time and also unloads some of the stress in their work.

Out-of-the box integration for the most popular business apps 

Moreover, Glue42 comes with ready connectors that will allow you to integrate applications like Bloomberg, Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, Dynamics, and NetSuite with just a few lines of code.

Decreased coding time

In addition to the out-of-the-box connectors, you will be able to efficiently create integrations for any other application no matter the underlying technology. With Glue42 your developers can code in the language they are most comfortable with, such as JavaScript, .NET, Java, VB/COM, Silverlight, Delphi. Our adapters will take care of the rest.

These capabilities will allow you to maximize your investment in Fidessa, decrease IT costs and as well improve operational efficiency. Are you curious to learn more?

To sum up, watch the videos below to see the Glue42 Fidessa connector in action.

Fidessa and Bloomberg

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Fidessa with other 3rd-party and in-house apps

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