I have a feeling that I’m going to look back on today as a defining moment in the growth of our business. If you haven’t seen it already, FINOS have launched a set of standards (see: FDC3) that help desktop applications interoperate. These include basic integration mechanisms, application directory services and application intents. Together, they will provide many of the critical building blocks for an open ecosystem in which applications can communicate via any compliant integration platform e.g. Glue42.

In order to help drive success, it is important to remember that an agreed set of interfaces will only help switch in/out vendor applications and platforms at design/code time. To achieve true runtime-interoperability requires an implementation of those interfaces that is also vendor agnostic. This, of course, is the Glue42 way, and we will be offering open implementations that allow frictionless interoperability.

Finally, the existing FDC3 interfaces are a great starting point and we will endeavor to reach consensus on some new concepts that have already been implemented in Glue42. These include:

  • Request/response;
  • Shared data contexts (with optional channels);
  • Data streaming;
  • Workflow management e.g. user configurable workspaces, window grouping;
  • etc

Exciting times!