FinTech Festival Summary: Don’t be Contained by Your Container!

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FinTech Festival 2018 Glue42

We had a highly insightful and engaging time at the Tabb Group’s Fintech Festival event in New York last week. This was our first event since the CX summit in September – and this time the audience was financial services only. We learned a great deal from the 100+ attendees that visited our stand; these were some points that came up again and again:

Organizations need more comprehensive integration solutions. Simple JavaScript container-based interop is not enough. ‘Legacy’ applications written in .NET, PWF, Java, Silverlight, etc cannot be easily thrown away – and in some situations have better performance and scaling than a new JS app. Glue42 supports all of these stacks and is continuously adding technologies (e.g. Delphi is coming soon). Sometimes it makes more sense to integrate than to rewrite; customers should have the ability to choose.

Window Management is critical.  For many years, interop platforms only supported window groups and snapping + docking. Glue42 has deployed workspaces and swim-lanes in production across 15,000 desktops. And yes, it can host non-JS apps (see here).

Interop vendors and ISVs must embrace Open Standards. The pioneering work done by FINOS/FDC3 in driving standards is crucial in passing on benefits to end-users. The current thinking from some interop vendors is that they assume they are the only game in town. ISVs should only need to support a single adapter that works with all interop platforms rather than one for each! We are right behind you FINOS/FDC3!

That said, the number-one question we were asked at the FinTech Festival was “Why didn’t we know about Glue42 before?”. No one knew that we have twice the head-count of the next largest vendor – and probably more money in the bank! No one realized that we have a mature product that is now on its 3rd major release. No-one realized that true interop can’t be achieved with a container alone.

We get it. We are hiring as quickly as we can (without lowering our standards). You will be hearing even more from Glue42 over the next few weeks and months!

In the meantime, you can watch this interesting conversation I’ve had with Dayle Scher, analyst at TABB Group.

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