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In a recent article, I presented the idea of Desktop Integration. I made the point that despite decades of investment in back-end integration technologies, the number of applications on the desktop continues to grow. The end-user is therefore becoming the latest in a long line of integration ‘tools’! Does the picture below look familiar? Lots of desktop apps, no data sharing, impossible to find the right data source?

Before Glue42

What about ‘Robotic Process Automation’ I hear you shout? Well, RPA is great where the processes are repeatable and can be easily replayed. The issue is that for many knowledge workers, the processes that they perform are exploratory in nature and cannot be automated – no matter how hard you try. These workers are found in contact-centres, shared-service centres or even at the end of a phone in an investment bank. There are millions of them! Thankfully, the nice people at MWD advisors have helped to explain this problem much more clearly than I can. They identify three process types, Programmatic, Transactional, and Exploratory:

Automating Knowledge Work

They then describe how Desktop Integration can consume UIs to help build tailored user-experiences across multiple applications. Better still, if you have managed to use RPA for any repeatable sub-tasks, then this can be consumed too!

Desktop Integration Value

With this kind of approach, your desktop environment could be dramatically simplified helping you reduce operational costs and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Glue42 Swimlanes UI

This is a good read for anyone who is looking to solve the final mile of their integration journey.

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James is COO of Glue42, a provider of desktop integration platforms. He has an extensive background in software integration solutions and spent his formative years in a variety of development and architecture roles. Since then, he has run field operations & sales organisations for software integration businesses including SAP’s UK, Software AG Australia and TIBCO UK.

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