Glue42 3.11 Is Here! Reinvent the Workspaces with Custom Look and Functionality

Glue42 3.11 Allows You to Customize Your Workspaces

Glue42 v3.11 is now publicly available and it comes with customizable UI for the next generation Workspaces, improved Workspace context, new options for window management and more…

Customizable Workspaces

Less than two months ago, with Glue42 3.10, we announced our next generation Workspaces. We know that they often take a central role in our clients’ solutions, so we didn’t stop there. With v3.11 we are bringing another highly requested feature – a customizable frame UI that supports client-specific custom components.

How it Works

The Glue42 Workspaces App is wrapped in a single React component, providing extensibility points. You can add custom components in the Workspaces header area. System popups and menus (e.g. “Add Workspace” or “Add Application”) can also be extended or replaced. See the customizable areas in the video below.

Custom Workspace

Tutorials and more extensibility options, such as styling the Workspaces with custom CSS, are available in our documentation here.

Workspace Context

Glue42 3.11 introduces a new simplified Workspace-specific context. Each Workspace instance has a dedicated context, which can be passed to the Workspace applications when creating or restoring a Workspace. The Workspace context makes it trivial for the developer to share context within the Workspace and open multiple instances of the same Workspace with different contexts

Although the Glue42 Workspaces are the highlight of a second release in a row, there are other interesting items worth checking. Make sure to review all the details in our changelog here.

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