Glue42 3.8 Release

We are happy to announce the new Glue42 3.8 release is here. It introduces improvements across the board with a focus on increasing developer productivity, making deployment easier, and providing better user experience for end-users. Here are the highlights:

Developer Productivity

GCS App Store Direct Read From REST Without gw3

Glue42 Enterprise can now read application configuration directly from a REST service endpoint. In this way, you don’t need to update the configuration on the local machines individually. Read more.

Application Monitoring

Application monitor is now available as part of the Glue42 developer tools. It gives an overview of all applications running in Glue42 Enterprise and their performance – Read more.

Performance Reports

Performance report is a tool for finding performance issues of applications running in Glue42 Enterprise. You can initiate such a report using the Application monitor – for a single application or multiple applications. Read more.

Glue42 Enterprise Packaging and Installation

Now after installation, you can take the Glue42 Enterprise installation folder and move it wherever you like. Glue42 Enterprise runs independently of its location in the file system. Read more.

Windows authentication

With the new version we have added Windows Authentication to the gateway transport level authentication methods.  Read More.


Auto-injection of the Glue42 JS Library

In previous versions of the product, to enable your web application to run in a Glue42 Container, you needed to manually reference a version of the Glue42 JavaScript API within the application. With Glue42 3.8, we have added a new option that enables you to auto-inject and auto-initialize the Glue42 JS API in your application.

Support for ClickOnce Applications in .NET

Support for ClickOnce applications is now available – Read more.

End-user Experience


Glue42 Enterprise now supports zooming in and out of windows of JavaScript applications. Zooming can be controlled via configuration or programmatically. Read more.

Flydown and Popup windows via JS APIs

With the new version of Glue42, you now have two types of helper windows, which can bring additional context to each user task.

  • Flydown windows are helper windows that can be easily configured to appear on hover on an area in your window. Flydown JS API
  • Popup windows are helper windows that can appear when the user clicks an area in your application. Read more.

Saving Swimlane Workspace Context

Glue42 Enterprise supports saving context when storing a Swimlane Workspace. The context of the apps in the workspace can be saved and loaded on restore if this is specified in the system configuration.


Support for Custom metrics publishers is now available. It allows you to create custom metrics and add them to our product – Custom Metrics.

Publishing metrics via Solace. You can configure the Glue42 Gateway to publish the generated metrics using Solace as a transport – Publishing with Solace.

You can read the full release notes here.

Download the latest version now or book a 1-on-1 demonstration with one of our solutions consultants.

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