Glue42 Adds Partners to Its Financial Desktop Ecosystem

Glue42 Partners announcement at Times Square

New partners collaborating with Glue42 towards industry standardization include Adaptable Tools, BCC Group, and NORMAN & SONS.

New York, NY, April 17, 2019 – Glue42, the company bringing an entirely new desktop experience to financial institutions, expands its desktop ecosystem with new fintech providers. New partners include independent software vendors (ISVs) Adaptable Tools and BCC Group, and service provider NORMAN & SONS.

Available immediately, the ISVs can now offer their services via the Glue42 platform using the FINOS FDC3 open standard to provide a seamless UI and data integration experience from any enterprise application or cloud-based service to their end users’ desktops. As a result, their end users now enjoy greater flexibility as they gain access to best of breed systems and data sources without the need for separate integration or connectivity, including:

•   the Adaptable Blotter best-in-class HTML5 DataGrid solution, enabling the visualization and manipulation of enterprise data to any JavaScript, .NET, Java, VB/COM enterprise application, as well as data that surfaced via the BCC Group’s ONE platform along with a host of other third-party platforms and products including Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Salesforce and Excel;

•   real-time market-data sources via BCC Group’s cloud-native ONE Solution, a solution that provides a single interface to ICE, Bloomberg, Morningstar, Refinitiv and other exchanges and data providers, ready to be leveraged by terminals, desktop applications, analytics, calculations, correlation, regulatory, and / or contribution requirements all fully entitled via the single ONE API.

In addition, Glue42 will leverage NORMAN & SONS’ expertise to ensure UX and UI designs as well as the desktop implementation itself are delivered in a quick and reliable manner that aligns with customers’ business goals.

“We’re at the confluence of adopting industry standards and providing a better end user experience,” said James Wooster, COO, Glue42. “As big proponents of building towards a vendor-agnostic financial desktop, leveraging FDC3 to integrate our platform with these new partners is a major step forward in this pursuit – one that enables firms to create a seamless user experience across applications of any type.”

“Interop goes beyond JavaScript and simple data sources,” he continued. “With our partners we can further reduce the number of manual steps traders and wealth managers need to perform and provide better insights. Don’t throw away what you can integrate.”

Danielle Nagler, CEO and founder, Adaptable Tools, says, “We couldn’t be happier with the ease with which we were able to integrate the Adaptable Blotter with Glue42 into applications of any type. Firms can now connect the Adaptable Blotter to any JavaScript, .NET, Java, VB/COM enterprise application along with a host of third-party platforms and products including Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Salesforce and Excel. This capability will help accelerate the roll-out of fully customizable DataGrids across both legacy and new desktop environments.”

Mauricio Gonzalez Evans, CEO, BCC Group, says, “Market participants have for too long been waiting for an open solution that provides resilient and entitled distribution of streaming real-time and reference data over a single API. With our joint offering available in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid deployment, customers will be able to reinvent their market data world from a commercial and technical perspective. Glue42 couldn’t have made this any easier for us.”

Graeme Harker, founder, NORMAN & SONS, says, “Glue42 is a mature and proven interoperability platform that helps our customers create connected, cross-application enterprise solutions without having to re-develop legacy desktop applications from scratch. As our customers are increasingly demanding this type of experience across their desktops and smart devices, we can now lead the way with user-centric interop without breaking the bank.”

More fintech vendors and data providers will be added in the next few months.

Glue42 will be demonstrating its latest capability at Trade Tech Europe 2019. For additional information about the new partnerships and their value-add, check out the links below:

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