On December 8th, at the Open Source in Finance Forum, held in New York, FINOS announced that its FDC3 conformance testing framework is up and running. Glue42 was one of only two interop providers to have passed tests developed and approved by the open standard’s maintainers. We are now the proud recipients of the FDC3 1.2 Desktop Agent certification.

Our team was represented by our CEO Leslie Spiro, who is actively involved in our commitment to the FDC3 standard and community.

In addition to becoming a Certified FDC3 1.2 Desktop Agent, Glue42 received another award for our active role as project maintainer. The FDC3 Maintainers team was recognized for being the best coach and helping new members get on board the project. Our Senior Engineer, Georgi Georgiev, is one of the maintainers who has been continuously contributing to the project development during the last couple of years.

We are proud to be awarded for our involvement in onboarding new members and especially for collaborating on this project with other vendors in our market. Our vision for a growing interoperability community is governed by the belief that no application is an island, and we support healthy competition while remaining agnostic with our partners too.

Glue42 is part of the FDC3 maintainers team who got awarded for the work they did to help onboard new members

The future of open community standards in the financial industry seems even brighter as FINOS FDC3 welcomes more and more members. A great collaboration example is one of our recent projects with Symphony and Singletrack that was recently implemented at Numis. You can watch the live demo we presented with both vendors at the Symphony Innovation event in New York in October here.

Becoming a Certified FDC3 1.2 Desktop Agent was a big milestone for us but it is also only the first step of an even more exciting journey ahead!

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