Image the scene. A couple of weeks ago, I’m sat with our CEO and we start talking about the need for tablet support for one of our customers. We discuss the appropriateness of an ‘interop’ desktop running on a tablet device and wonder how much we can get for free given our existing implementation of multi-app workspaces (see below)

Roll forward a couple of days and I’m watching a bunch of rather excited engineers looking at an iPad. It seems that one of the benefits of having a simple and clean product architecture is the ability to release new capabilities with minimal effort. Take a look at the video below to see what I mean. Ok, this not a GA release, we’ve got docs to write, support teams to be trained, marketing plans to be drawn-up etc – but crikey, just crikey! Oh, and I almost forget, it does hand-off between different devices e.g. PC to iPhone to iPad in real-time!