Powerful, Flexible Workspaces, VBA Support – Meet Glue42 Desktop 3.10

Glue42 Desktop 3.10

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Glue42 Desktop 3.10 – the first release to include the next generation workspaces, new editions of our day and night themes, support for VBA Applications, and more.

Next Generation Workspaces

Prior to 3.10, Glue42 workspaces were based on Swimlanes – a fixed set of columns or rows, in which Applications were organized. A frequent request from our customers was to allow users to fully re-arrange their workspaces, including creating and removing new lanes.

This, alongside several other high-priority (and completely reasonable) rooms for improvement, swayed us towards re-implementing the entire capability, basing it on the popular Golden Layout JS library. Don’t let the JS part fool you – the new workspace implementation fully supports .NET/Java/and VBA desktop applications. The new workspaces also support extracting windows either by dragging their handles or by pressing the eject icon.

Next Generation Workspaces

We are keeping the Swimlanes in the foreseeable future, we recommend migrating and using workspaces for new projects.

Workspaces API is Now Available

In addition to giving more power in the hands of the users, the new workspaces are appealing to the developer as well. The new workspaces come with an extensive programmatic model, allowing developers to re-arrange and modify the workspace layouts with code. For further details, check the API section in our documentation.

Workspaces in Core and Desktop

Since the release of Glue42 Core, we strive for feature parity between the two environments – the desktop and the web. Our customers value the flexibility and portability of the standard browser environment as a companion to the desktop experience. We frequently encounter requirements for app integrations to be exposed both through the rich desktop and in the portable web. With 3.10, we deliver this: the newly released Desktop workspaces are compatible with the workspaces in Glue42 Core we released previously. Moving forward, we are looking into maintaining compatibility between the two environments. The easiest way to preview the workspaces is by browsing our Glue42 Core sample application. Click the “see client list” link to launch a client workspace.

Modern Theming

The new workspaces implementation allowed us to refresh the look and feel to two new exciting themes: light and dark. The default look is awesome; of course, you can tweak the looks up to your corporate colors using theme configuration.

Glue42 Features Modern Theming - Light Theme
Glue42 Features Modern Theming - Dark Theme

VBA Application Support

While great new projects are always exciting to start, the enterprise desktop is abundant with a great successful project – from the near past that still powers day to day tasks. Glue42 lets you seamlessly integrate these apps into a unified environment and have them collaborate with your new initiatives.

With 3.1.0 we extended this support further through our COM library which lets you integrate VBA applications. To integrate your VBA Application in Glue42, start from our how-to section in the documentation.

Dim Glue As Glue42

Public Sub InitializeGlue()
    If Glue Is Nothing Then
        Set Glue = New Glue42
        ' Connecting to Glue42 and registering the application instance.
        Glue.StartWithAppName ("My VBA Application")
    End If
End Sub

… and a Few More

The new workspaces and VBA support are the highlights of this release, but not the only items worth mentioning. Some of them will need a separate blog post. In the meantime, discover what’s in Glue42 3.10 by reviewing our Changelog.

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