Glue42 Desktop Base: An End to ‘Kill Excel’ Projects

Don't kill Excel

Why Kill Excel?

If users love Excel so much…

Why does management seem to spend so much time trying to kill it?

How many Kill Excel projects have you seen?

What can we do about it?

Tatyana Shumsky’s reporting in The Wall Street Journal details some of the issues of using Excel in an enterprise setting and the conflict that this can cause between management and users. This is a contentious issue that we think can be approached in a different way.

What management really hate about Excel?

Management use Excel all the time, what they hate is not having answers to these questions:

  • Where is the data stored?
  • Who has the latest version?
  • Has the data been validated?
  • How can I control visibility and authentication?
  • Is there an audit trail for changes?

Our CEO Leslie Spiro explored this topic further during his talk at Bulgaria Excel Days 2017. The session was titled “Don’t replace Excel – Integrate it”. The conference took place 22-23rd November and was dedicated to the latest trends and practices in using of Microsoft Excel, VBA and PowerBI for business. This was the first conference of its kind in Bulgaria. Our team was also present at the Tick42 booth.

The solution

Instead of replacing Excel with an inferior app, the solution for Excel users, developers and management alike is making Excel part of the existing UI.

How can we do this?

With Glue42 Enterprise, our desktop interop product that allows web apps and desktop Excel to work together.

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