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We are pleased to announce the general availability of Glue42 Enterprise 3.17. Our latest version includes improvements to the workspaces, notifications and UX/UI features and much more. Many of the features like the jump list, feedback form, and navigation buttons for web apps have been developed to address recent client feedback. If you want to see a full list of the updates we’ve made, visit the dedicated changelog page in our documentation.

Support for FDC3 2.0 Standards

The Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) standards are created and used by leading organizations across the financial industry. Applications that are FDC3-enabled can take part in a workflow on the desktop with minimal coding or manual integration, allowing you to replace one application with another application serving the same functions on the desktop. FDC3 standardizes verbs to invoke actions between applications (intents), context data format, REST-based App Directory, and API operations for a Desktop Agent.

With our new version of the @glue42/fdc3 library, we are among the first vendors to support FDC3 2.0 standards, allowing you to take most of the open standard for interoperability between applications on the financial desktop. This is a new lightweight implementation of the FDC3 standards that, unlike previous versions, doesn’t contain a Glue42 library within itself.

Window Groups & Titles

Users can now change the titles of classic window groups, flat and tabbed Glue42 Windows. This will enable faster navigation and a more intuitive user experience.

After a change has been made, these titles will be saved in a Layout and will be automatically re-instated upon restoration. Unicode emoji characters are also supported!

Glue42 Enterprise 3.17 announcement renaming captions functionality

Showing the Apps in the Window Group

The titles of all app windows that are part of a window group are visible when right-clicking on the group taskbar icon. When restoring a minimized group, the selected app is focused.


We’ve built a brand-new set of more easily customizable React web apps that have replaced the notification apps in Glue42 Enterprise. We expect this will increase the speed of implementation while showcasing new features. Remember, our new notifications UI react library provides React hooks and default components that can be used, customized, or entirely replaced when building your own custom Notifications.

Remote Configurations

Glue42 Enterprise now supports the fetching of configurations from a remote location. This enables users to configure the look and feel of the platform for the end users without having to force a software update. The configurations from the remote location will be fetched on the startup of Glue42 Enterprise and will be merged with the locally available ones. This will simplify platform update and maintenance tasks for DevOps.

The Glue42 Enterprise configuration files can be hosted on a Glue42 Server or on your custom-built REST service.

Telemetry Data

Glue42 Enterprise exposes telemetry data containing info related to the system environment and the running web apps. It can trigger alerts on your server side that will enable DevOps teams to proactively investigate issues before they become noticeable to the end users.

On a system level, you can track:

  • focus duration, start and stop events for apps;
  • the step-by-step system startup flow allowing you to investigate slow startups;
  • all log entries;
  • system CPU and memory usage.

For web apps, you can track:

  • all network requests per app;
  • all app console logs;
  • web page exceptions caught by the window “error” event;
  • CPU and memory usage per process.

Workspace Enhancements

Lock Settings

In our latest version of Glue42 Enterprise, we’ve added a UI to the Workspaces App to enable users to manually lock and unlock various Workspace elements to disable or allow their modification.

We’ve also added a new lock setting to restrict or enable the reordering of tabs and windows on a Workspace, Group and Workspace Window level. There’s also a new lock setting to prevent users from extracting Workspace tabs.

Excluding Apps from Workspaces

It’s now possible to prevent the user from dropping an app in a Workspace by using the “allowWorkspaceDrop” top-level property in the app configuration.

Other Enhancements

  • You can now use your own customer loader for individual Workspaces when creating a custom Workspaces App. This can be used for any purpose – but typically to introduce your own branding or load-time animations.
  • Workspace Row and Column objects now have a setMaximizationBoundary() method which you can use to restrict the maximization of Workspace windows within the bounds of a column or a row.
  • An onFocusChanged() event for the Workspaces Frame has been added. It enables you to determine whether the Frame is focused.
  • It’s now possible to prevent the user from dropping an app in a Workspace by using the “allowWorkspaceDrop” top-level property in the app configuration.

User Feedback

With Glue42 Enterprise 3.17, users can now report application-level errors by using the new (optional) feedback button and an associated Feedback Form. This includes the function to auto-populate the email addresses of users through a new property setting.

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