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We are pleased to announce the general availability of Glue42 Enterprise 3.18. If you would like to see a full list of the updates we’ve made, visit the dedicated changelog page in our documentation.

Customizable feedback Form

The feedback form is now configurable when building custom feedback applications. Built as a React library of hooks and components comprising a custom header, body, and footer.

feedback custom footer in Glue42 Enterprise 3.18

Window Close Prompt

Glue42 windows can be configured to prevent users from accidentally closing them by prompting users to confirm their actions.

Default Confirmation Dialogs

A set of default confirmation dialogs, shown upon a system shutdown, restart, and when trying to close a window that has close prompt enabled. Dialog sizes are configurable and they can also be replaced with customer-provided applications.

Dialogs default in Glue42 Enterprise 3.18

Disposable Channels

Developers can now create or remove Channels programmatically, in addition to the ones already defined in the system configuration, and apps can join or leave them as necessary. Dynamically created Channels aren’t persisted and are automatically removed on system restart or shutdown.

Configuring Proxy Settings at Runtime

In addition to allowing proxy settings to be configurable via the system.json file, these can now be defined at runtime e.g., when multiple users are using different settings.

Sticky Window Sensitivity

Introduction of new API to allow the size of the ‘’snap region’ between application windows to be adjusted prior to them becoming stuck together.

Dragging File Hyperlinks

Users can now drag out file hyperlinks from applications onto their local storage or applications which support file dropping. This will result in the file being downloaded locally or being attached to the application.

Enable/Disable Default layout During Startup

An extra config setting that will disable restoring the default layout during startup. The layout could be restored at a later stage programmatically.

Using One Certificate for All Requests

Platform configuration now supports the use of a single certificate for the first query and re-use of same for all other interactions with the platform when they have to choose between multiple certificates to identify themselves to a server.

Certificate page in Glue42 Enterprise 3.18

Default OS Theme Synchronization

Glue42 will sync with the default app theme defined within the user’s Windows system settings.

Stop Automatic Resizing During Window Snaps

This setting can be applied on two levels – globally or per application.

Rename Flat/Tab Applications

Users can rename the individual (flat/tab) applications by double-clicking on their caption text.

Renaming captions in Glue42 Enterprise 3.18
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