Our new app was released on Zapier today and is available to anyone with a Zapier account.
This is exciting news for Zapier users who want to make Excel part of their automated workflow. It’s also great news for any Excel users who are new to the platform and are looking for a way to move data between Excel and their web apps – if this is you then you should sign up for free on Zapier today.

What is it?

Glue42 Excel is the first connector for a desktop application on the Zapier platform. The integration allows you to make Zaps with Excel files stored on your desktop, servers, or in the cloud.

How does it work?

Glue42 Excel is the application in Zapier that allows you to configure Zaps and connect them to other applications such as Typeform, Trello, SurveyMonkey, Google Sheets and many more. Our Excel add-in then enables your spreadsheets to talk to web applications, via Zapier.
Users with any type of Zapier account can access Glue42 Excel by searching in Zapier’s app directory.

Why Glue42 Excel?

Glue42 Excel is powered by Glue42 Desktop, a framework for integrating desktop and web apps. This product is specifically for Zapier users who want to build worfklows with Excel. There’s plenty more you can do with Glue42 Desktop – for more details, check out our Base and Enterprise products.
Learn more about Glue42 Desktop Zapier and what it can do here.