Glue42 Extends Partner Ecosystem With NORMAN & SONS


Glue42 have announced today a partnership with NORMAN & SONS. This helps broaden the reach of both organisations and accelerate the delivery of Glue42 based solutions into financial institutions globally.

Based upon a new user-centered implementation methodology, Glue42 will embrace a Design Thinking approach to ensure that customer requirements are correctly mapped into fluid and easy to use solutions. This will encompass all phases of the implementation cycle from requirements capture, through design, build, acceptance and in-life activities.

James Wooster, COO, Glue42, said, “NORMAN & SONS bring a fresh outlook on the importance of user-centered design and are able to weave this into a methodology and governance framework that is designed to bring cost effective solutions to life early”. Wooster continued “Delivering an interop solution is more than integration, it is about putting in place the tools, processes and operational KPIs that keep the first deployment relevant and perfectly aligned to the business goals”.

Graeme Harker, Founder, NORMAN & SONS, says “Glue42 is a mature and proven interoperability platform that allows our customers to create joined-up cross-application enterprise solutions without having to re-develop legacy desktop applications from scratch ” Harker continued, “More and more our customers are demanding the same sort of joined-up experience the have on their iPhones on their desktop. Glue gives us the opportunity to deliver that without breaking the bank”.

NORMAN & SONS is a digital strategy firm specialising in the design and development of user-centered enterprise applications for the financial services industry.

They help our clients to “design the right product, and build the product right”. They believe in the potential of design thinking as an agent for strategic innovation and design ops, as a means of delivering build better by integrating design directly into your delivery operating model.

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