How Hedge Funds Can Gain Value from Glue42

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Multi-strategy hedge funds are facing headwinds. Finding alpha is about data and applying strategies and analytics they already have. Adapting to market conditions means reusing what already exists in new ways, to minimize risk and to move quickly.

This means providing sales and trading with responsive and connected systems. From market overviews, to analytics, to risk overview, to execution, the desktop environment should serve the user.

In the past, the large monolithic applications developed in-house, displayed market data, positions and status of execution – all in one place. These applications remain important. However, new analytics, new data sources and new strategies now require 3rdparty applications, faster development and security on mobile devices. This tsunami demands a different approach from hedge funds, where developing software and putting it in front of traders happens in a matter of hours.

Now, data, analytics, visualizations and in-house applications are API based.

Bringing old and new applications together is key to cost containment and also provides the best environment for trading. Helping users quickly find information, execute research and easily navigate trading systems (e.g market data, a WPF trading app and an OMS) is essential. This rich functionality should be delivered in the form of a simple user experience.

Firms can create complex workflows that span the fragmented structures that are already in place. Glue42 helps maintain and extend the differentiation of specialist teams as curated sets of connected micro apps that meet the specific needs of each unit, using the same components.

Find out more about how we can help financial institutions and wealth management here. Or have a look at the features of our Glue42 Enterprise.

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