Glue42 Leads the Market for the Next Generation of Desktop Interoperability

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Glue42 leads ten of fourteen categories in enterprise interop research report, including window management, user behavior metrics, search and messaging.

New York, NY – Glue42, the company that brings a simplified desktop experience to financial institutions globally, received extensive coverage in the first in-depth research report of the enterprise interoperability marketplace.

An increasing number of organizations are embarking on interoperability programs to regain control over the vast number of applications that reside on a user’s desktop – creating a poor user experience and higher operational costs. In the past, the only way to create a joined-up user experience was to throw everything away and start again from scratch. Glue42 has emerged as a key player that enables the integration of existing applications without having to throw them away or rewrite them.

The independent report from NORMAN & SONS took over three months to compile, covers 350 pages, and investigates the challenges commonly found in large-scale interop programs. The consultancy identified the major vendors and compared their products using a normalized system to assess features and measure capabilities.

The key findings are:

  • Out of 93 identified features, Glue42 is marked at 86 percent with the consecutive vendors scoring 70 percent and 56 percent;
  • Out of 14 categories, Glue42 is the leader in platform architecture, access controls, window and workspace management, messaging, workflow management, notifications, search, language adapters, developer tools, metrics services and performance;
  • Glue42 is the joint leader in a further three categories: access controls, third-party integration and extensibility.

“The NORMAN & SONS report represents a maturing of the interop market and the desire to move away from in-house platforms,” said Leslie Spiro, CEO, Glue42. “All the talk about web technologies and containers often hides the importance of multi-stack interop, window management and other support services. Our success is based on the fact that we embrace the messy reality of today’s environments and provide ways to re-purpose new or old applications and deliver cost-effective digital transformation and legacy migration.”

Johnny Mattimore, Head of Strategy, NORMAN & SONS, said, “We’ve spent a considerable amount of time reviewing and comparing the various platforms featured in our report. We were very thorough in our approach and offered each vendor the opportunity to review for accuracy and provide input accordingly. Our intent is for this research to be a helpful manual for any buy-side or sell-side firm that is looking to modernize its financial desktop. Our research identified many areas for further investigation which we have added to our backlog as candidates for future publications. We also expect to enhance the analytical frameworks we developed to include more capabilities as they emerge and to undertake deeper granular assessments of specific use cases to further support users.”

Over the last year, Glue42 expanded beyond wealth management as it gained traction with organizations in the alternative investments market and sports betting. The company recently also appointed a Chief Revenue Officer and moved into the Asia Pacific. As the team continued to add more partners and large data providers, it also kept up its contributions to FINOS and FDC3  to further the enterprise desktop standardization.

James Wooster, COO, Glue42, said, “We welcome the NORMAN & SONS report. However, our ambitions don’t stop here. We have already embarked upon some critical developments to further increase levels of automation and intelligence. This will be done in-house and through strategic relationships with our expanding partner ecosystem. We see a perfect storm of robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), machine learning and user behavior analytics all around the end-user experience.”

“The exciting news is that this is as much applicable to financial services as any other industries with e.g. a heavy focus on the employee experience, compliance, or where human behavior takes center stage,” he continued.

You can download the full Norman & Sons report on the next generation of desktop interoperability here.

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