Notification Panel

On a typical Tuesday, most of us get notified about important business decisions that need to be made, events in the news that will affect our performance, company-wide mini-memos and client-critical actions that need to be taken.

They all have different priorities and coming from different apps, those notifications will be displayed in different ways leading to a cacophony of interruptions.

Glue42 is a desktop integration framework and its notifications system, GNS (short for Glue42 Notification System) is built to corral the flow of notifications into a coherent stream. Notifications all go to one place with clear indications of priority.

Apps that leverage GNS can send a notification which the user will see as a toast. The toast can even contain actions – buttons which the user may click to acknowledge receiving the notification or trigger some follow-up workflow.

The actions provide an efficient path to doing a thing without having to manually switch to the app that caused the toast. The user spends less time managing their desktop and more time managing their business. These actions aren’t limited to buttons that the user can click. They can happen at the moment the notification arrives at the user’s desktop, and they can even direct a custom toast as well as a tailored view of the notification’s details. Clicking the toast’s title can open the email that triggered it (yes, Outlook can be a notification publisher!) or a shared Excel file linked within the content of the notification.

From the simplest reminder to the most elaborate multi-app workflow, GNS can help keep the user on track and focused on their mission.

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