Glue42 Enterprise 3.12 – Supercharged with Tons of New Features!

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We are pleased to announce Glue42 Enterprise 3.12 to the general public. This is a release with many firsts, including a brand-new Launchpad, a Global Search app, extended support for Citrix applications, and a powerful backend solution: the Glue42 Server.

But that’s not all – Workspaces are packed with new functionality, a Glue42 protocol handler is available and the new JavaScript, Java, and .NET APIs further enhance the developer experience with Glue42.

Global Search

The new Global Search app fuels a smooth and intuitive user experience when looking for the right Application, Layout, or Action (switching the theme, loading or saving a Layout, and more). Simply press a configurable keyboard shortcut to activate the search bar, enter your search criteria and select one of the result items.

Glue42 Enterprise is by default a search provider for Applications and Layouts, but you can also create your own custom providers that return results for the entities your organization uses – e.g., Clients, Instruments.

Power users will get a big kick out of the Global Search app: no need for moving the mouse, clicking, or selecting anything. You can use only the keyboard to navigate the app quickly and efficiently.


The Glue42 Launchpad reimagines the “toolbar-as-a-hub” concept in the style of the Windows Start menu. It is hidden by default, doesn’t take up screen space, and is easier to locate – just press a configurable keyboard shortcut. The new Launchpad is an alternative to the existing Floating Toolbar and provides all the same features – a list of applications, Layouts, Workspaces, a search bar, “Favorites” and “Recent Items” sections, a Notifications button, and a menu with settings, shortcuts, and actions.

The Launchpad is another tasty treat for power users. Like the Global Search, you can activate it and navigate through it using only the keyboard.

Glue42 Server

When adopting Glue42 as a desktop integration platform, our clients start thinking about how to store Applications and Layouts and how to manage users and authentication, which usually requires REST services solutions.

Enter Glue42 Server – a backend application that provides data to Glue42 (applications, layouts, preferences) and allows monitoring and interacting with users running Glue42. It also includes an Admin UI that makes managing the data stored in the Glue42 Server even easier.

Moreover, the Glue42 Server can be deployed in our clients’ environments which will accelerate the adoption of Glue42, as there is no more need to create server-side solutions from scratch.

Glue42 Server
Glue42 Server

Extended Support for Citrix Virtual Apps

If you’re using Citrix Virtual Apps and you’re wondering whether Glue42 will work for you, wonder no more! A Citrix Virtual Application can now participate in Glue42 as a first-class citizen. This means you can start it from the Glue42 Toolbar, save it in Layouts and Workspaces, include it in Interop operations, color Channels, and everything else that is available to native applications.

Workspaces – Hibernation, Loading Strategies, Lockdown, Size Constraints

The 3.12 release continues the tradition of enriching and improving the Glue42 Workspaces. This time, we have implemented:

  • Hibernation – hibernate and resume entire Workspaces, based on configurable rules, to save system resources, improve performance and UX
  • Loading Strategies – you can load applications in Workspaces using different strategies to make better use of system resources, prevent memory spikes and provide better UX;
  • Lockdown – prevent the users from modifying a Workspace or some of its elements;
  • Size Constraints – set maximum and minimum bounds for Workspace elements and create pinned Workspace elements (columns with fixed width and rows with fixed height);

Glue42 Protocol Handler

Glue42 will now register itself as the default handler for the glue42:// protocol. This allows users or applications to create links that will execute different Glue42 actions when clicked – starting applications, restoring Layouts and Workspaces, opening URLs in Glue42 Windows, and even executing Interop methods with specified arguments. The created links can easily be shared between users in chat, emails, web pages.

// Clicking on this link will open in a Glue42 Window.

// Clicking on this link will start the "Client List" application in Glue42.

// Clicking on this link will restore the "Start of Day" Workspace in Glue42.

New APIs

Glue42 Enterprise 3.12 introduces several new APIs for JavaScript, Java and .NET.

The JavaScript Application Preferences API makes it possible for developers to easily store, update and retrieve preferences for an app or all apps of the current user. When the app is relaunched, the stored preferences can be re-applied, allowing for an enhanced user experience.

Glue42 Java now offers an Intents API and supports multi window applications.

Glue42 .NET is extended with an Intents API and a Pub/Sub API.

… and More

In the spirit of previous releases, Glue42 3.12 brings many more improvements and features that will certainly pique your interest. For more details, see the Glue42 3.12 Changelog.

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