The Glue42 team attended TABB Group’s Fintech Festival 2019 event.  It hosted experts from across the asset management and capital market industry to discuss how FinTech is reshaping capital markets ecosystems. The main theme of the event revolved around the accelerated rate of change in the financial organization supported by emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and blockchain.

Behavior Mining will help financial organizations uncover previously invisible insights

As lead sponsors we had the honor to do the keynote session where we had invited our partner from consultancy RocketFin to share the stage with us. We discussed how using Behavior Mining and capturing user and application data directly from the desktops can enable organizations to manage new regulatory challenges, optimize processes, reduce risk and data and license costs, and improve productivity. You can read more about that in RocketFin’s whitepaper.

Espen Skogen, founder and director of RocketFin, showed how MIFID challenges could have been addressed more quickly and cheaply had Behavior Mining been available. While, James Wooster, COO of Glue42, discussed how the latest generation of integration platforms, like Glue42 provide a critical element of this new transformative approach as well as what the future holds for user behavior analytics.

Here is the slide deck from their presentation.

If you would like to become a Glue42 partner and have the chance to participate alongside us in such key industry events you can contact us today.

Introducing Glue42 Insights for behavior mining on the desktop

One of the other highlights for us during Fintech Festival 2019 was the introduction of our behavior mining solution Glue42 Insights. The solution transparently monitors user-behavior across applications of any type, including legacy, new, in-house and third-party. Through simple configuration, monitoring can be activated across one or many desktops and on all or a subset of applications. Organizations will benefit from this approach as it provides a simple and cost-effective means of understand user behavior on a global scale.

Glue42 Insights has already been deployed in mission critical production environments across 20,000 seats. If you would like to understand how it can work in your organization feel free to book a meeting with us.

Our predictions for the future of the financial desktop

To close off what was a great event, our COO James Wooster and TABB Group founder Larry Tabb had a very insightful discussion on the challenges financial organizations will face in 2020 and beyond.

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Virtual car racing

We also had a super cool virtual racing simulator which enticed senior financial executives to test their skills. Because speed and intelligence matter!

Racing Game

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