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The workflows of the fixed income and equity sales trader will need to navigate unconnected data silos and applications. If you are planning to improve your processes and make your organization more agile, you are most likely considering one of the following scenarios:

  1. The Data Warehouse
    Migrate mission-critical data sources into a single data warehouse. This is a huge task and will require substantial resources and planning. Even if you manage to complete it within a reasonable timeframe, you then need to think about the end-user experience and how this relates to other transactional systems. This will turn into an even bigger and more expensive initiative, often undermining the ROI and the value for your organization.

  2. Decomposing Silos
    Integrate the existing applications that leverage data from these silos together into one unified desktop with full interoperability within and between the applications. This may also sound like a lot of heavy lifting, but the latest technology solutions provide an elegant and cost-effective way to achieve results quickly. This is the world of Glue42.

Desktop Interoperability for the Sales Trader

Imagine if your traders had the opportunity to seamlessly connect their OMS, Market Data Terminal, CRM, and all the other applications into one smart workflow with global notifications. With LodeBot and Glue42, this is already happening on trading desks today.

What Is LodeBot?

LodeBot is a cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot that connects data across the enterprise. Then it adds a layer of intelligence to enhance the data and provide meaning and relevance for users in a wide variety of roles. Lodebot can communicate this enhanced information to clients through a variety of gateways. Their HTML5 gateway is Glue42-enabled, allowing this information to be easily accessed via Interop into the Glue42 platform.

Power Up Your Fidessa

To illustrate how the integrated solution works, the video below shows a seamless integration between LodeBot and Fidessa (one of the most widely used sell-side trading platforms). The LodeBot identifies an opportunity and asks Fidessa to show market data on the asset. The market data looks good and LodeBot quickly pulls up historical orders in the asset and identifies potential clients the broker can call. With a single click, the email system fires up and populates with the client’s email. Then the broker just taps in a quick note and sends the email.

The process also works in reverse whereby LodeBot collects Fidessa order and execution data. It can calculate the performance of historical trades from Fidessa and determine whether the client is on or off-side in that position and then further apply analytics to that trade based on a range of technical or fundamental factors. LodeBot enriches the Fidessa dataset and goes as far as suggesting conversations for the sales traders to have with their clients.

Benefits for the Sales Trader

In addition, the LodeBot is acting as the sales traders’ personal digital assistant. It monitors trades and portfolio positions and suggests actions to mitigate risk or identify an opportunity.

The result is a simple, effective workflow – the sales trader becomes more efficient and able to deliver greater value to their clients’ business. No big IT projects, just an effective and elegant solution to leverage more value out of your existing systems. Business workflow, productivity, and client service all enhanced at the same time.

See the integration in action:

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This article is co-authored by Dr. Anthony Edwards, Chief Scientific Officer at LodeStar Ecosystems Limited and Glue42.

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