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Attention focus is proven to be the ultimate way to productivity. Distractions are everywhere and losing focus kills the day of every professional. Now imagine the day of a financial specialist who manages millions of dollars and you can see the importance of focus multiplied by an order of magnitude.

This is the reason financial applications provide lots of information and have it centered around the topic the user choses.

While the financial industry is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about terminals, attention and focus problems are critical for every industry. With so many applications addressing a specific need being created every day, it is vital to organize them in a manageable and productive way. That is even more important when these must be combined with legacy applications. It’s often hard to connect apps written in different languages by different people and sometimes even from different decades.

Check out the following video to see how Glue42 Channels helps to solve this problem.

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I hope you gained a valuable insight on the importance of focusing around a topic. We at Glue42 aim at removing every possible obstacle from your way towards being most productive.

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