Increasing Speed and Reliability With Glue42’s Context Viewer

Glue42's Context Viewer

Meeting the ever increasing demands of the business while providing a reliable service is critical for customer retention and satisfaction. Delivering at speed while improving reliability is essential for all CIOs.

The reality is that things do go wrong. This is where a DevOps strategy is critical to delivering fast and reliable service. The DevOps team needs the necessary tooling to quickly identify and resolve issues; minimising the impact on the customer-facing business.

Glue42 provides a Context viewer that is essential for DevOps teams to get an insight into what data desktop applications are sharing and when.  The Context viewer enables you to quickly identify the root cause of an issue and test the impact of changes.

Not every application needs to share data context with every other application on the desktop.  Glue42 provides Channels where related applications are grouped by use-case.  For example, an insurance quote may use a different set of applications than a customer complaint.  The Context viewer allows you to see the flow of data context by Channel in real time.

The video below demonstrates the Context viewer and will show you:

  • How applications in Channels are sharing context data on the desktop
  • How you can determine which application is creating an issue
  • How you mock responses from applications to assess the impact on other apps.
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In the video you saw the following advanced features of the Context viewer:

  • Live feed as apps in a Channel update context data
  • Track changes from every app so you can compare the data context before and after
  • Manually change context data to see the impact on apps

The Context viewer is a capability used throughout the Software Delivery Life Cycle.

Developers want to focus on the fun stuff, innovative ideas and creating new capabilities for the business, but even the best developer makes mistakes. Viewing how applications are interacting allows the developer to quickly identify and fix issues at design time and therefore increasing project speed.

Testers want to create detailed tests ensuring they only release quality reliable software into production. The Context viewer enables them to build tests and see the impact on applications.

Operations want to recover from an issue as fast as possible. With the Context viewer they can determine the root cause quickly allowing faster recovery and improving the reliability of the service.

See how Glue42 can simplify your desktop by downloading the trial from our homepage:

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