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The independent report by Norman & Sons (digital consulting firm in financial services) on Enterprise interoperability highlights how education should be a top priority for organizations. It is important for users, IT, development teams, and other business stakeholders on the value of an interop approach, which will likely impact buy-in and adoption. Additionally, if application development teams fail to share learnings, best practices, or make shared features and services visible, then innovation and development can be stalled, risking duplication and wasted effort.

Enterprise Interoperability Insights by Norman & Sons

The study outlines 8 main questions that companies embarking on the interop initiatives should ask themselves. The biggest friction usually comes from legacy systems. In financial services, most of them are required to comply with regulations and hard to replace. Their rich functionality struggling to compete for real estate on a users’ screen as they switch between multiple applications to complete tasks. The only way to integrate them was to completely rewrite them. Users copying and pasting data from one window to another, taking up not only valuable time and effort but risking the likelihood of mistakes and a broken audit trail while they complain that everything’s so much easier on their mobile phones. Sound familiar?

Where Does Glue42 Come in?

At Glue42, we focus on Business Outcomes where the interop journey is measured by business success, and we find the buy-in and adoption by all parties drives higher rates of success. The problem highlighted by Norman & Sons on how users have to navigate a multitude of disjointed applications and re-key information is why customers come to Glue42, helping reduce their operating costs and improve the quality of service.

Glue42 enables your disparate applications on your desktop to behave and look like a single application. The benefits for the business is they can focus on optimising workflows that deliver on their Business Outcomes of reducing operating cost and improving the quality of service.

Another key insight is Feedback within the Software Development Life Cycle, where you share learnings, best practices, and making shared features visible and shareable. The questions remain, how do you measure the success of a new feature? Is it even being used?

Glue42 gives you an insight into what and how everything on the desktop is utilised with Glue42 Insights. You visualise how your best performers leverage the new features, use Champion/Challenger on business workflows, visualise the results, and drive continual improvements of processes. When you have a new way of executing a business workflow, you share it with your teams using Glue42’s desktop. Discover more enterprise interoperability insights in the report by Norman & Sons’s report here.

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