Integrating Chatbots with Customer Service Agents

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Improving customer experience by using a blend of the latest technology together with great customer service agents helps improve sales, lower operational costs, and achieve a high Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Customer service entails many standard repeatable processes that are prime for introducing Chatbots such as ID&V, current balance, and change of address. However, there is still a need for the skilled agent to respond to those requests that require a human to understand and respond ensuring a high level of service to the customer.

The handoff between chatbot and the human needs to be seamless, so the agent has the right applications and information on their desktop when they accept the chat request.

In the following demonstration, you will see in action how we handoff from chatbot to agent, how the desktop responds by loading the right applications to deal with a request, and how the agent sees the details of the request.

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The video demonstrates how:

•  the agent sees there is a request inbound from the chatbot
•  the desktop loaded Client Contact, Salesforce, and Zendesk into swimlanes with the right information to handle the request
•  the agent has visibility of the conversation that has already happened with the customer

Glue42 enables you to combine the power of technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, together with human providing a seamless journey for your customers. You focus on where the agent adds the most value in the process enabling you to drive more sales, lower operational cost, and achieving a high NPS.

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