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Guest article by Jonny Wolfson, CTO Adaptable Tools

The Covid19 pandemic has made us more aware than ever before of connectivity and collaboration challenges. In the “new normal”, it’s clear that we need to find new ways to work together effectively and to find the technology to support that.

Which is why Glue42 and Adaptable Tools are making available fully integrated workflows for the Financial Services desktop, bringing previously separate pieces of functionality together. This technology partnership allows the DataGrid to synchronise with other windows, widgets and components so that data and user choices are constant between them.

With these powerful new ways of connecting multiple disparate applications and tools, working in the browser. With all the flexibility that offers, it now becomes as rich and as powerful as the traditional desktop.

We all know that Excel is not disappearing anytime soon as the outstanding and must-use data tool of our times. But Excel does present problems in a business environment: it is designed for individual use rather than collaboration; it does not support validation of business rules, and it has no capacity for an audit trail – increasingly needed from a regulatory perspective.

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Glue42 and AdapTable working together link up Excel with other data applications. They allow export and scheduling of reports from the DataGrid or Blotter to Excel, with live 2-way updates of edits and ticking data so both are kept fully in sync. And they provide full, integrated validation and comprehensive audit. This, in turn, means that Excel can now be properly integrated into workflows at the enterprise level.

Data may be the new gold – but businesses need to master trading data rather than allowing themselves to be overwhelmed. Glue42 and AdapTable’s work to connect the separate pieces within the browser space provides our clients with the tools to make sure that happens.

See how the integration works in the demo video below:

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If you’re curious to see how Glue42 and Adaptable Tools can help your organization master trading data effectively, contact us here:

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