Mitigating Risks With the Glue42 Testing Framework

Glue42 Testing Framework

Deploying new versions of software in larger organizations always involves a lot of risk. Operating systems and software differ from a team to another and Ops teams have a hard time verifying everything will run smoothly. Ensuring there is no downtime is critical to avoid productivity loss.

Enter GTF

GTF, short for Glue42 Testing Framework, is a tool designed to create and execute automated tests targeting specifically the window management and the interop capabilities of the platform.

GTF supports two main modes with more than 6,000 tests already available.

GTF Sanity mode

The Sanity mode verifies the proper interop between all the Glue42 Enterprise-enabled applications. GTF takes care of this in two ways: integration and bionic tests.

The integration tests verify that APIs work as expected, while the bionic tests execute real user actions on the application windows like moving the mouse on the screen, opening application windows and performing drag-and-drop operations.


Remember that IKEA commercial where people repetitively sit down and stand up a couch? SOAK tests do exactly that with software. They are designed to run simple actions that get repeated over a really long period of time to simulate real-life usage.

There is a powerful scheduler to cover all possible varieties of a team daily routine. They gather information about system resources (e.g. CPU and memory usage). These tests guarantee Glue42 Enterprise will have no performance leaks during real usage.

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In the evolution of Glue42 Enterprise we realized that testing and ensuring proper deployment in critical environments might be challenging and require platform-specific testing approach. This is how we came up with GTF. It is currently used as an internal tool in the Glue42 QA process but we’re also working towards making it part of the Glue42 development and QA tools for our customers.

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