Turning Sales Traders into Execution Consultants using the Pre-Trade Scenario Builder Powered by Abel Noser

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To keep competitive in today’s market and meet regulatory obligations, it’s vital that traders have the right data tools integrated into the trading ecosystem to make better execution decisions and in turn, increase client satisfaction. In the past, traders relied on piecing this information together from disparate systems which proved to be inefficient and error-prone. Our latest solution changes all of this. The Pre-Trade Scenario Builder gives traders what they need to supercharge their ability to provide key, in-the-moment execution consulting for their clients and fellow traders.

Trader’s Workflow Challenges

Traders need to execute complex manual workflows to get the full picture in order to present the client with the latest market information and achieve best execution. A common workflow involves Fidessa and Abel Noser. Fidessa, as a market leading OMS vendor, provides just one part of the trading ecosystem. It is often used alongside industry leading TCA provider Abel Noser Solutions. However, system integration is not possible solely at the user and desktop level and usually requires lengthy integration processes.

Pre-Trade TCA with the Fidessa – Abel Noser Appliance

With this in mind, Glue42 and Abel Noser have developed a brand-new solution – the G42 ‘OMS – TCA’ appliance. It provides single-click integration between Fidessa and Abel Noser, in turn, enabling sales-traders to become real-time execution consultants.

Generate best-case to worst-case impact scenarios

Once installed, simply clicking on any ticker symbol in your Fidessa order blotter will quickly generate an Abel Noser powered pre-trade analysis which produces a best-case to worse-case data chart that includes trading impact costs in basis points. You can also drill down for more detail, allowing you to change share amounts and other attributes, producing outcome scenarios based on the inputs.

Investigate what-if scenarios

Investigate what-if scenarios and project the trading impact cost by simply changing the ticker or number of shares. The scenario engine will return outcomes based on average daily volume, average shares per trade, what the average open volume is, and how many trades-per-minute occur. There’s also a slider that allows you to change the percentage of ADV. For instance, if you want to trade 10% of the ADV, what’s the cost? Just move the slider around to determine outcome. You’ll see statistics that go with the ADV, market open, close, trades-per-minute and average trade size.

A powerful solution extending and adding value to the trading ecosystem

The G42 Fidessa – Able Noser appliance extends the value of an OMS and other desktop applications. It provides key projections needed to make in-the-flow trading decisions. You can easily point out basis point spread possibilities or determine how aggressive clients should be depending upon their mandates. And costs can be calculated whether the order is 50,000 or 5 million shares. Most importantly, the analytics tool is seamlessly integrated with your trading platform; no more swivel-chair workflows.

Finally, there is an additional option to incorporate the entire set of Abel Noser’s analytics protocols including multi-asset TCA, complex compliance attributes and industry-leading trade surveillance. Easily call up all your trades for a customer, then compare them against $15 trillion in benchmark trade data. Analyze algo usage for a previous trade then seek recommendations for a future trade. Highlight out-of-the-norm trades, then archive compliance justifications. You can integrate your entire workstation into Abel Noser’s platform along with custom reporting and access to their top-notch client services group.

See the solution in action:

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