Smart Trading - How Glue42 and LodeBot Power Up Reactive Trader

Trading is one of the most dynamic branches of the financial industry. The ‘new normal’ creates even more challenges for traders. On top of the stress, they must think about IT infrastructure at home, staying focused and efficient with their families around and in some cases while working with a dog or cat in their lap. Why not choose smart trading and reap all the benefits of fintech innovations?

Why Reactive Trader, Glue42, and LodeBot?

Great performance is now not only a matter of personal skills, rather it also depends on the systems’ reliability, setup, and hardware availability. Modern technology solutions provide the innovation needed to facilitate traders in a remote environment.

To illustrate this statement in a real-life scenario, we will show you how you can power up the Reactive Trader platform and get the most of it by using the Glue42 and LodeBot integration. It can be configured to the trading side and linked via Glue42 to interact to/with other desktop applications including LodeBot.

Tools in Focus

Glue42 is a desktop integration platform. It allows users to create custom workspaces and connect all systems through data integration and a unified UI. This enables greater process automation and optimization. You have all the apps running but the desktop shows only what’s necessary while keeping everything synchronized.

LodeBot is a multi-asset tool which can be used by the buy and sell side for Futures, Equities, FX, Options, ETFs, SWAPs, Bonds, Fixed Income and other asset types. By remaining agnostic to the types of assets and then integrating this asset data with your overall corporate information such as order books and trade histories, Research, CRM and/or other internal or external data sets, including chat histories, the LodeBot can help create a powerful data ecosystem for your business.

Reactive Trader is an industry standard tool used by many sell-side brokers. Part of it is an Order Management System (OMS) that offers a high degree of user configuration. This provides great opportunities for automation and process optimization.

What Is Smart Trading with Glue42 and LodeBot?

Let’s see how these tools work together to provide traders with the optimal solution for increasing productivity and efficiency. Imagine you need to analyze a variety of assets on a daily basis and communicate the findings with clients.

This sounds like a standard trading operation but there can be many obstacles delaying this process or preventing you from gathering the best information available. These can be things like poor connectivity between your market data apps, confusing user interface or simply too much data to analyze.

Here are the benefits that you can expect once you’ve set up Glue42 and LodeBot to work with Reactive Trader.

LodeBot’s screening capability identifies an asset and then using the interoperability provided by Glue42 when the user hits a button in LodeBot their Reactive Trader switches automatically to show analytics for that asset. Then they click the email button in LodeBot, which again uses a Glue42 interoperability function to launch Outlook and start an email to the relevant client.

This this is a simple example of the powerful relationship between front and back office made possible by the Glue42 integration.

Reactive Trader provides both analytics and trading capability. LodeBot integrates all the clients’ enterprise data, like client info, orders, holdings data, prices and calculates a range of technical factors and price forecast models. With this data available, LodeBot can be used for powerful idea generation (via the multi-factor screening). Such process optimization is more than just a quick fix for increasing speed. It allows traders to focus on what’s important and provide a better service for their clients.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of opportunities that you will gain by introducing a smart solution! LodeBot can integrate with a range of standard desktop applications via the Glue42 framework. It can also send alert notifications to the centralized Glue42 notification panel. With the seamless integration between Glue42 and LodeBot closing deals becomes faster than ever!


In uncertain times we need to work smarter, not harder. And the trading environment is no exception! By powering up Reactive Trader with the Glue42 and LodeBot solution, you can dramatically reduce the average time of your operations within the system and minimize human errors due to automation. If you’re curious to see this use case in action, check out the video below:

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We can tailor a solution for your other trading systems and provide an end-to-end optimization of your company’s operations. Contact us if you’re curious to learn more about the smart trading opportunities for your specific setup:



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