G42 Trading Appliance Introduction

Remember the days before dishwashers came along, spending hours perched over the kitchen sink washing and drying dishes? As the development of kitchen appliances advanced, along came the dishwasher taking those manual, laborious and time-consuming tasks away from us. Fast forward to today and dishwashers are commonplace – economical, faster, quieter and they blend elegantly with the rest of our kitchen décor and design.  They are also joined by a vast array of other labour-saving devices that together free us to focus on what we do best.  

Well, this was exactly our inspiration behind G42 Appliances. They allow traders to focus on generating revenue rather than the boring repetitive tasks. G42 Appliances unite the fragmented trading desktop into an elegant, more productive and completely new user experience.

What are the G42 Trading Appliances?

A G42 Appliance is a business solution that allows two or more applications to connect with each other to simplify trading workflows between them. Just like a kitchen appliance, they are easy to purchase, simple to install and seamlessly integrate into traders’ existing workflows resulting in better, faster and more precise action.

Who are they for?

G42 appliances are for trading firms (buy-sides and sell-sides) that want:

  • to solve a specific business or operational problem.
  • a low-cost, no-fuss, gentle introduction to digital transformation.
  • their business users to get a ready-to-go, working solution today rather than waiting months for a 3rd party upgrade or project to go-live.

How do they work in practice?

Let’s take a simple example. I’m an execution trader with a trading ecosystem that comprises various applications including an OMS, Market Data Terminal, TCA, Analytics, Chat, Excel and more. I’m constantly having to do ‘swivel-chair, up-down workflows’ to type the same data into different applications in order to build a helicopter view of a trading opportunity. By doing this I have already missed prices and volume as well as creating operational risk by potentially inputting the wrong data. This is a serious business problem on multiple fronts that a simple G42 OMS-Market Data appliance fixes instantly.

What do I do? I buy a G42 OMS-Market Data appliance which provides single-click stock synchronisation between the two and builds that helicopter view that empowers me to react faster and turn my best execution obligations into valuable execution consulting. For instance, check out the Fidessa-Bloomberg Terminal appliance demo.

Where can I buy one?

Visit the G42 Workflow Store to create your appliance, see the benefits and get pricing. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we are adding new appliances all the time so just contact us with your business requirements and get a free assessment.

Want to learn more?

Still have unanswered questions? No problem. Read our FAQs or learn more about the G42 Trading Appliances from our webinar “Agile Workflows for the Trader’s Desktop“.

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Reena Raichura

Director, Head of Product Solutions, Glue42

Reena has 21 years’ international experience across the FinTech and Financial Services industry. Prior to joining Glue42, Reena held senior roles in Front Office Technology at J.P. Morgan, Exane BNP Paribas and Fidessa. Reena’s industry expertise coupled with her technical background has successfully, and consistently, enabled her to create and deliver business value through technology, innovation, and collaboration.

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