Glue42 3.7 Release

At Glue42 we aim to create the next generation of desktop application integration platform. The latest release is a big step in this direction as we deliver extended connectivity, deeper integration capabilities and a broader set of productivity features.

For the highlights of the release you can watch the 15 min video below. For the full details read through the blog.

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What’s new for the end user productivity and experience

  • Swimlane workspace performance strategies ensuring fast loading times of critical applications even with tens of tabs and applications or machines with limited resources. Applications can be configured to go into hibernate mode to save machine resources for your active workspaces and tasks.
  • Ability to drag out an entire Swimlane workspace – e.g. move to a different screen for optimized visibility and screen real estate usage.
  • Swimlane proportion and size restrictions – ensure that applications will preserve their optimal view even after resizing the entire workspace or the lanes in it.
  • Dynamically add and remove lanes – lanes can be added or removed from a Swimlane workspace upon certain actions – e.g. closing/opening an application.
  • Extensions to web applications hosted in Glue42 Enterprise or browser. Easily navigate, share context and control third party web apps or websites such as LinkedIn, Yahoo!Finance , erc.
  • Window gesture support – use the well-knownWindows key (Win key + arrows) combinations to natively control the Glue42 windows and their arrangement.
  • Window management improvements and optimizations.
  • Download files and track download progress directly in the application window.

What’s new for developers

Enhanced Tutorials

If you want to  explore and see in practice the many exciting Glue42 Enterprise features, see our Tutorials and start the journey.  They are available in JavaScript and .NET.

We have improved documentation – better structure, fuller articles, more and better visual examples.

Rapid start improvements

  • Revised demo apps as Glue42 implementation examples for rapid dev start.
  • Glux –Provides a middleware to streamline the ReactJS development (wraps the asynchronous Glue42 API). Saves time and effort by providing Redux actions, selectors and reducers around the Glue42 APIs
  • NgGlue42 – An Angular wrapper to streamline and speed up the Angular applications development with Glue42. (the beta version is available for preview and testing purposes; a stable and fully documented version is expected in September)
  • Instructions on how to leverage – Mocha and Spectron to test applications in the actual environment they’ll be used in – the Glue42 container.

New Features

  • Support for loading applications and layouts from a remote REST service You can have a mixed-mode where some applications are loaded from a local store and some from the remote REST server.
  • Added support for extensions in web apps hosted in Glue42 Enterprise. Now you can control or inject behavior in externally developed web applications. We have added an extension template example if you want to create your own extensions for Glue42 enabled apps.
  • Configurable auto-starting application order – now when defining which application will be directly started upon launching Glue42, you can define their specific launch and priority order.
  • Configure window timeout and behavior – close or refresh. Window Management.
  • Swimlane workspace lockdown – granular permissions and control over workspace/tab movement and/or close actions.
  • Zzz indicator – as part of the Swimlane loading strategies, a Zzz indicator can be added to tabs that are not loaded yet. This is useful during development and testing to test how the desired loading strategy works.
  • To make the installation process easier, manageable and faster, we published the Glue42 JavaScript library as ` npm ` packages – @glue42/core and @glue42/desktop. Now you can track project versions and dependencies.
  • If you want to access and see all running hidden or visible applications, we added an “Applications View”, accessible from the Glue42 Enterprise tray icon.
  • Configurable tooltips for the Swimlane UI frame buttons.
  • You want to apply your own splash screen? We extracted the splash screen as a separate app so that it can be replaced.

Glue42 Connectors

The new Glue42 Bloomberg Connector allows you to sync channels and context between the Glue42 applications and the Bloomberg groups, contextually launch Bloomberg components, host and manage them as part of Glue42 window groups and workspaces. Get, create and update Bloomberg worksheets(instrument lists) via Glue42 methods. The  Bloomberg Simulator , which comes with the Bloomberg Connector, makes it possible to test Bloomberg Terminal integration with Glue42 enabled apps without having an actual terminal installed.

Download the latest version now or book a 1-on-1 demonstration with one of our solutions consultant.

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