Excel days

This year’s Excel Days event was the first of its kind in Bulgaria and was dedicated to the latest trends and practices in using Microsoft Excel and VBA in the Enterprise.

Tick42’s CEO Leslie Spiro took part in the panel discussion and presentations.

A packed auditorium listened to Leslie’s lecture, titled “Don’t replace Excel – integrate it.”

Leslie talked about the company experience with Excel replacement projects and the solution Tick42 created – “In our corporate clients it is common to come across projects that are described as ‘Excel replacement projects’. Management sometimes seem to hate Excel spreadsheets, even though they also use them all the time. The problem is that no one wants data stored in files in random places, with no control over whether it’s been validated, no audit log on changes and no reliable control over who has seen it.

And so we are asked to deliver an app to replace Excel. We model the data, choose some web grid, create the UI and then we deliver it to the user, who complains about how much worse this is to use than Excel!

Alternatively, you can use Glue42 Desktop, which allows Web applications to store the data on your servers, validate that data, audit it and control access to it whilst letting your users keep working in Excel”

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Teddy Rainova

Former Product Manager, Glue42

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