Tick42 Wins The 2016 New World Symphony Hackathon With the Glue42 Desktop Platform

Tick42 Symphony award

At the New World Symphony Hackathon, several teams competed to create a new bot, application, or integration for the Symphony platform. Leslie Spiro (CEO Tick42) and Stoyan Damov (CTO, Tick42) won two GoPro Karma Drones with their Glue42 Desktop-based, Excel RFQ system which delivered a Dealing 2000-like system over Symphony. The project demonstrates that chat is not just for people but it can connect applications as well. Through the Symphony platform, Glue42 Desktop enabled app to app chat.

The New World Symphony Hackathon, powered by the Symphony Software Foundation, was an exciting day of coding and workshopping that got us one step closer to a “new world” of work within the Symphony platform. The goal of the event was simple, but challenging in execution. These are the three criteria for the competition:

  • Create bots, integrations, or apps with Symphony
  • Leverage existing ongoing projects, or start new ones
  • Finish the project during the New World Symphony 2016

There were many benefits coming along with contributing a project to Symphony at NWS: the access to Symphony API and support of our developer community, and the following additional prizes for the three categories:

  • Best Enterprise: The best project developed by a Symphony customer or end user was awarded a donation of $5000 to a charity of their choice
  • Best Partner: The best project developed by a Symphony partner was awarded a donation of $5000 to a charity of their choice
  • Best Contribution: The best project that was contributed to the Symphony Software Foundation was awarded a GoPro Karma!

After the projects were finished, the judges announced the finalists – three finalist projects per category:


  • JPM – Data Query
  • RBC – Research & Obé
  • T. Rowe Price – Trending Bot


  • Fintech Studios – Module State Manager
  • Koyfin – Research Bot
  • Zoom.ai – Virtual Assistant


  • BNY – Assistant Bot
  • Tick42 – Excel RFQ Conversation
  • Wells Fargo – Autosys Integration

Although all projects were exciting and the debates were passionate, finally, the judges announced the winners of this year’s New World Symphony in the three categories:

Enterprise: T. Rowe Price – Trending Bot
Partner: Fintech Studios – Module State Manager
Contribution: Tick42 – Excel RFQ Conversation

We are proud to have won the prize for a contribution project among such strong competition in the face of BNY and Wells Fargo! If you want to learn more about the event, you can find more details in the blog post by FINOS.

The Foundation’s Projects are Apache 2.0 licensed and available on GitHub.

Check out the Glue42 app to app chat that won the Symphony Hackathon on GitHub here. The project is an implementation of an RFQ Server that acts as a Glue42 <-> Symphony bridge for messages around the Request for Quote (RFQ) process together with associated chat.

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