I’m not sure if you read my earlier blog posting on the idea of User eXperience Process Mining – but I’ve got some good news! We are nearly ready to launch Glue42 Insights. The official launch date will be 21st January 2019 – but I couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

In a nutshell, Glue42 Insights will give you the ability to visualize and analyse user behaviour data captured by Glue42 Enterprise Edition. This means that you can quickly and easily interrogate vast quantities of current and historic data to answer questions like:

  • When do my users login/logout?
  • What applications are being used?
  • Are applications being used in the correct sequence?
  • What applications are my best/worst performing staff using?
  • What is the next most likely application?
  • Any many many more…

This will enable operational teams to capture evidence for KPI reporting and identify areas for future integration, optimisation and de-commissioning.

UXPM will be supplied with a new data preparation/aggregation layer for the existing Metrics data and come with some Qlik-Sense templates to give a fast-start.

More later…