Glue42 Insights User Experience Process Mapping

Building upon our earlier blog article, where we introduced the concept of UX Process Mining, we now discuss how our product Glue42 Insights can help you implement User eXperience process mining into your organization!

Among the benefits of introducing this concept, is the ability to ensure a more data-driven approach towards decision making and strategy. It’s a valuable discovery tool that transforms your process and helps you optimize it.

Glue42 Insights will give you the ability to visualize and analyse user behaviour data captured by Glue42 Enterprise Edition. This means that you can quickly and easily interrogate vast quantities of current and historic data to answer questions like:

  • When do my users login/logout?
  • What applications are being used?
  • Are applications being used in the correct sequence?
  • What applications are my best/worst performing staff using?
  • What is the next most likely application?
  • Any many many more…

This will enable operational teams to capture evidence for KPI reporting and identify areas for future integration, optimisation, and de-commissioning.

User Experience Process Mining is be supplied with a new data preparation/aggregation layer for the existing Metrics data and comes with some Qlik-Sense templates to give a fast-start.

What are the benefits for your organization?

Analyze User Experience

  • Quickly identify applications for potential consolidation, integration, or removal
  • Gain insight into user effectiveness and identify opportunities for (re-)training

IT Prioritization

  • Identify workflow bottlenecks and assess cost/benefit of change
  • Target investment based upon actual usage

Identify and Track Best Practices

  • Improve business outcomes by measuring performance against best practice
  • Train/re-train staff to improve outcomes

Monitor Compliance

  • Prove adherence to process in regulated industries
  • Provide evidence to show compliance (or non-compliance)

Track System Health

  • Monitor machine utilization and performance
  • Capture evidence for environment refresh/replacement programs
Glue42 Insights User Experience Process Mapping
Analytics Metrics Glue42 Insights UX Process Mining
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