Glue42 3.9 Release

We are happy to announce that the new version of Glue42 Enterprise is now available for demo and free trial.

The highlights of the release are:

  • Market Data was added as a new feature to the Glue42 Bloomberg Connector that will allow you to maximize your Bloomberg investment even further
  • New Glue42 Toolbar – new design, better look and feel of the demo Application Manager Toolbar
  • Default Global Layout – a saved arrangement of applications automatically loaded when Glue42 starts
  • Summary Metrics – new metrics allowing you to track app usage
  • Displays API – a way for your applications to capture snapshots of the user’s screen(s)
  • Support for the FDC3 Interoperability Standards
  • Upgrade to Electron 7 

Continue reading for the details.

1. Bloomberg Connector – Market Data

With Market Data, the new feature of the Glue42 Bloomberg Connector, you can now connect your critical business applications to various Bloomberg services, no matter which technology your apps are based on.

  • Market Data: The Bloomberg Data Connector offers retrieval of real-time/delayed streaming market data and static reference market data for securities through subscription and request/response mechanisms. Using the available Market Data protocols or APIs you can easily acquire market data provided by Bloomberg in order to allow Bloomberg users to display it throughout the applications on their desktop.
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Other Bloomberg features that the Glue42 Bloomberg Connector offers:

  • Bloomberg Groups: The Bloomberg Groups, which are a feature of the Bloomberg LaunchPad, are visual color-coded named groups (much like Glue42 Channels). which the user can select from the UI of Bloomberg applications. They provide data synchronization across Bloomberg applications (e.g., if two applications are in the same color group, when an instrument changes in one application, the other application is updated respectively).
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  • Bloomberg Functions: The Bloomberg Terminal has built-in functions which execute various kinds of data analyses on markets or securities. The Glue42 Bloomberg Connector API allows you to invoke Bloomberg functions with a custom set of arguments.

2. New Glue42 Toolbar for Launching Applications

The new toolbar is built with functional and visual customizability in mind and will allow your development team to save time by simplifying the kick start of your Glue42 implementation.

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3. Default Global Layout

The new Default Global Layout feature of Glue42 Desktop introduces a convenience for users who stick to a single layout and would like to have it persisted for a long time, across machine reboots. Often users need the same set of starting applications when fulfilling daily routines. Setting up a default global layout will save them the time and effort they usually spend in finding, starting and arranging the required applications on system start/restart.

In the example below, you can see how the user first creates, saves and restores a layout. After that, the user sets the saved layout as the default global layout which is restored upon restart of Glue42 Desktop:

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4. App Usage Summary Metrics

If you are analyzing usage across many devices, you can now have a higher-level overview by aggregating key usage metrics.

The new Summary Metrics allow you to track how long an application has been on focus. This can be useful when determining which apps are most used/needed.

5. Capturing Displays

The new Glue42 Displays API allows you to capture the entire screen or multiple screens from any Glue42 enabled application.

This way you can improve compliance tracking for scenarios where it might be required to take a snapshot of the user’s desktop. Capturing the visual state at the exact moment of an application error can greatly ease the process of catching and fixing a bug.

6. Glue42 Implementation of FDC3 Standards

Glue42 now supports the following FDC3 standards:

  • Intents
  • Context Channels
  • App Directory

The implementation and support of FDC3 standards aims at a higher level of interoperability between financial desktop apps. Adhering to global standards for interoperability when developing applications allows applications from different vendors to interoperate in a plug-and-play fashion without prior bilateral agreements. This greatly enhances customer independency when choosing a vendor providing enterprise desktop interoperability solutions.

Full details about the FDC3 standard can be found here.

7. Support for FDC3 Intents

The Glue42 Intents API is an implementation of the FDC3 Intents concept. Intents define a standard set of verbs that can be used to create common cross-application workflows. This way we make it easier and more intuitive to design cross-application workflows.

8. Upgrade to Electron 7

Glue42 now support the latest versions of Node and Chrome.

You can read about the new features coming with Electron 7 here.

To get a personalized demonstration of the new capabilities, book a 1-on-1 demo or you can test drive them with the 30-day free trial.

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