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We are excited to announce the general availability of Workspaces – the most significant addition to Glue42 Core since its initial release.

Workspaces at a Glance

Workspaces group multiple standalone applications and micro UI components into a single, rectangular frame. You can arrange the workspace components in columns, rows, or tab groups. Depending on the configuration, the end-user can rearrange the workspace and add or remove certain apps from it. The user can pop out and restore parts of the UI to take advantage of an additional display. You can group multiple Workspaces in a single window, accessible via a tab bar at the top.

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Glue42 Core Workspaces Implementation

Glue42 Core allows application developers to supply pre-configured workspace layouts as part of the Glue42 Core Environment configuration. Since Workspaces are composed of multiple applications, this release introduces the concept of Application definition and management.

User-Designed Workspaces

Based on the application definition, the end-users can customize the default workspaces by adding and removing additional blocks and rearranging the existing ones. Alternatively, they can also create new workspaces from scratch, starting from a blank canvas. The workspaces produced by users are automatically persisted locally, with support for remote storage coming soon.


The Workspace implementation is based on the popular Golden Layout library. Glue42 Core allows the developer to add a custom stylesheet reference to the environment configuration, to change the look of the workspaces to match the branding of the platform.

Get Started

The fastest way to start with Workspaces is to go through the freshly extended Glue42 Core Tutorial. A more in-depth conceptual documentation is available in the Capabilities > Workspaces documentation section.

Upcoming: Workspaces in Glue42 Enterprise

Our long-term vision for Glue42 Core is to develop a web-based version of the Glue42 Desktop Client, with the two environments being compatible. Glue42 Core Workspaces is a temporary exception since it has no functional equivalent in the Desktop Client – we are about to fix that soon! The 3.10 release of Glue42 Enterprise includes a powerful desktop version of the Golden Layout Workspaces, capable of hosting both web and native applications.

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