Extend the Reach of Bloomberg® through Integration

Build a next-generation smart financial desktop by intelligently integrating Bloomberg functionality with other critical business applications.

How Glue42 Helps

How Can you Benefit from a Bloomberg Integration?

Glue42 optimizes user workflows by helping firms create integrated application workspaces in which Bloomberg functionality is seamlessly synchronized with other systems – in real-time. For example, selecting an instrument, client, or watchlist in any application, including Bloomberg, will automatically refresh the others – giving an instant 360-degree view. This approach is being used in some of the world’s largest financial organizations to reduce user frustration, increase the speed of execution and improve business outcomes.

Fast and Effective Decision Making

Ensure Fast and Effective Decision Making

Configure smart workspaces where customer, instrument, and market data are always at your fingertips. A Bloomberg integration allows you to load customer portfolios from your OMS into Bloomberg Worksheets and see all the relevant information – news, zoom in on trends, social media signals, etc. The G42 Appliance Store will help you create custom combinations! Learn more about the benefits of integrating your Bloomberg Terminal and Fidessa OMS!

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Reduce Errors

Reduce Errors

Synchronize business context (e.g. counterparty, instrument, venue etc.) between applications – eliminating the need to rekey multiple times.

Simplify Compliance

Simplify Compliance

Record and analyze user driven events – using Glue42 Insights. Pre-emptively open required applications based upon context. Monitor application usage and compare to expected process. Connect your data to any external regulatory system.


Power your applications with Bloomberg services

With the Glue42 Bloomberg® Connector you can link Bloomberg services to your Glue42-enabled applications, including:

Bloomberg® Market Data

Bloomberg® Groups

Bloomberg® Worksheets

Bloomberg® Components

Bloomberg® Functions

NB: Each Glue42 user requires the appropriate Bloomberg licence to use these services.

See Bloomberg integration in action

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Share context between Bloomberg® and all your other applications

Synchronize context between Bloomberg® Terminal Connect (Groups, Worksheets, Components) and your other Glue42-enabled applications, including:

OMS (e.g. Fidessa, Murex, etc)

Analytics (e.g. Order Audit Trail Systems, Charting, BI)

In-house apps

CRM (e.g. Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc)

MS Office (e.g. Excel, Outlook)

Any legacy app written in .NET, Delphi, Java, Silverlight or WPF

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