Buy side financial organizations

Buy Side Financial Organizations

The journey to your next-generation investment platform starts here! Join the top international buy side financial organizations on the road to a successful digital transformation.


Your Challenge

The complexities of the investment process require asset managers to navigate through a minefield of fragmented data, applications and workflows. Key staff spend too much time swiveling between these applications, copy and pasting data from one to the other. As well as being highly inefficient, operational risk is also increased along with a growing likelihood of errors.

Today, increased regulatory scrutiny, lower margins and increased volatility mean that the cost of any resulting errors can be significant and sometimes even fatal. At the same time, customers are demanding innovative portfolio strategies that maximize alpha against a backdrop of near zero interest rates.


How Can Glue42 Help?

Integrate your application data and UI across all applications into a unified workflow, eliminating the need for repetitive operations. This empowers portfolio managers, compliance professionals and dealers to make faster, better more informed decisions.


Reduce Errors

With Glue42 you can integrate your application data and UI across all applications into a cohesive workflow, eliminating the need for repetitive operations, thereby making sure that there are no errors in data throughout the trading process.


Improve Productivity

Workspaces and tabbed-groups improve application density while ensuring that applications are never more than a click away. Eliminate the frustration caused by fragmented workflows and allow  portfolio managers and dealers to focus on generating alpha.


Deliver New Functionality Faster

Build integrated workflows that are easily extendable based on a micro-frontend . Development teams can quickly deliver new functionality or re-purpose existing features from legacy systems. Exploit pre-built Application Connectors (e.g. Bloomberg, Eikon, Salesforce, Excel, etc) or deploy Glue42 Appliances to get maximum value – fast.


Simplify Compliance

Record and analyze user-driven events, like opening an application, viewing the content of a report, interacting via a softphone, all in real-time. Having this insight at your fingertips, makes it easy to respond to sophisticated compliance requirements.

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